8 Accessories that Will Instantly Update Your Space

Posted by Melissa Mott on Aug 21, 2015 10:15:00 AM

You don’t always have to spend a crazy amount of time and money looking for new furniture just to update your living room. Adding or changing up a few simple accessories can completely transform your entire space!

 1. Alhambra Embroidered Pillow


This Surya pillow will match very well (and easily!) with a couch that’s tan, brown, or ivory just to name a few. Since the colors are so subtle, the pattern is what will make your room come to life.


2. Enzo Table Lamp


Do you like more of a traditional style? This is the perfect Surya lamp that will add just a little bit of edge to a casual space. Although it looks to be a little on the darker side, adding this lamp will definitely brighten up your living room (no pun intended).


3. Trail Rug


This Surya rug will immediately make over a plain and simple room into a much more trendy space. As simple as laying down a rug may be, it will look like you put so much more thought and effort into redesigning the entire room.

4. Ara Red Pillow


To make a more dramatic statement, pair this Surya pillow up with a neutral-colored couch and watch it instantaneously liven up the entire room! Its soft pattern and bold colors can compliment just about any traditional or contemporary space.

5. Merchant Floor Lamp


If you place this lamp in a room with other simple furniture pieces, the lamp will easily create a rustic chic décor. If you want an even more rustic look, try pairing the Merchant Floor Lamp with pieces that expose more natural wood, like the Baybrin Rectangular Cocktail Table.


6. Caesar Rug


With its light and warm colors, Surya’s Caesar rug will brighten up any space from the moment you lay it on the floor. Its design is also very ambiguous, so it can easily blend with either coastal or traditional décor. Since the design and colors of this rug aren’t very dramatic, it will make a statement, but not too bold of a statement if that’s not quite your style.

7. Zoe Teal Pillow


If you’re looking for something more modern, this Surya pillow will do the trick. Without going too over the top, the geometrical, diamond pattern will add a splash of color and modernity with just a touch of elegance.


By adding in just one of these new Surya accessories, your living room will instantly look like a well thought-out designer space without you having to spend all the money to achieve it. Who would say no to that?

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