Day 3: Guy's Story

Posted by Melissa Mott on Oct 20, 2015 10:10:00 AM

Most people have a high respect for veterans and can’t even bear the thought of them going hungry even for one night. But Guy’s life as a Gulf War veteran is a little different. Although he is still currently seeking employment during the day and going to school at night, he still struggles to put food on the table for his 2 young children.

Guy Community FoodBank of NJIt seems to be a regular occurrence for Guy’s family to be struggling to make ends meet by the end of the month which is why he relies so heavily on the Community FoodBank of NJ during that time. Guy said, “I want to be able to provide for my family, and hope we don’t have to go through the difficulties at the end of the month.”

His wife, Amanda, added, “The end of the month gets pretty rough.  Money runs out by the middle of the third week.” Amanda said that she’d love to be working at the moment, but because of some medical issues she’s currently dealing with, it makes it tough. When asked what they do to ensure that everyone eats at night, she said that sometimes she and Guy go hungry just to make sure their girls have enough to eat.

Amanda said that they usually only have enough leftover to get a bag of rice by the end of the month. She said that it gets tough when the girls ask “Mommy, can we get this? Can we get this?” and she has to say no over and over again, but Amanda tried to stay upbeat, saying, “I’m alright as long as they eat.”

Amanda reminisced to only a few months ago on Memorial Day when all the whole family had for the entire day was a bag of rice and a can of beans. Her simple wish is that at the end of the next month, they won’t have to turn to soup kitchens and pantries just to get by.

Guy chimed in with, “I like coming [to the food pantry], but I’d rather be helping a little bit and come and volunteer.” He smiled at his family and talked about his high hopes for making his children’s lives much easier sooner rather than later. The fact that he had a job interview lined up for the next morning definitely didn’t hinder that smile from coming out, either.

As a client of the Community Assistance Pantry, Guy and his family are able to receive groceries for free at a local food pantry supplied by the Community FoodBank of NJ on a weekly basis to help them get by at the end up of the month. Because Guy and his family rely so heavily on the donations made to CFBNJ, it’s for the thousands of other families like his that we are doing this food drive for.

Donating just 1 box of food can help feed an entire family dinner and donating only $1 can help provide between $8-11 worth of food for a family. Help us help others.

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