How To Get Smart With Your Room Planning

Posted by Elizabeth Flack on Feb 26, 2019 11:43:19 AM

In this digital age, we are more reliant than ever on using visuals to inspire us. On Pinterest alone, there are 175 billion posts, with home decor being the third most pinned category. Pinterest is a great platform to curate a list of things you want in your home, but how easy is it to actually visualize the way those pieces will work in your space? You know what you want and need to be in your room, but organizing those things to achieve a room that's as functional as it is beautiful is truly the hard part. 

roomplannerpagepicOur digital room planner takes the complexity out of space planning and interior design by allowing you to easily visualize furniture placement, map conversational areas, arrange rugs, and determine focal points without the hassle of pushing a sofa or carrying an accent table.

All too often we hear from people that don’t like a room in their home but can’t pinpoint what they don’t like about it, and many times a poorly planned space is the culprit. Or, a new home owner is starting with a blank slate and doesn't know where to begin in their process, much less how a room might actually come together.

You can get started planning your room at home with virtually every piece of furniture offered at Kensington, or come in and work with a design consultant & use their expertise to whip up different room plans to find one that's perfect for you.

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