The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Purchasing the Perfect Recliner

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Feb 25, 2014 11:30:00 AM


"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." - Jim Goodwin

Oh wow, you must be tired after your long work week, especially with all of this wintery weather! What better way to relax at home next to your fireplace than with a brand new recliner. You don’t have a fireplace? Recline in front of your television (if you really want a fireplace, there is one on Netflix that plays music.. you just won’t have the actual heat!).

There is simply nothing better than sinking into a comfortable chair after you get home. Recliners are known for comfort but there are health benefits, too! Putting your feet up and relaxing after a long day at work will relieve the pressure from your lower back. Finding the right recliner for you can be a tough decision. Let us help you during your buying process!

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What type of recliner is best for you?

Two-Position: The name of this type of recliner describes its functions perfectly. It has two positions: up in a chair position or fully reclined. A lot of these recliners have a lever to release the footrest that allows you to recline. These recliners take up more space because the back of the chair falls back as the footrest comes forward. Positioning a two-position recliner can be tough in a small space. Just make sure you have enough space behind you before you recline!

Rocker: The rocker recliner usually has several reclining angles. The footrest will come out but you do not have to fully recline backwards. You can push back to adjust the angle that your back is reclining. This recliner is better for smaller spaces.

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Push-Back: Push-back recliners don’t have a built in footrest. The back is the only part of the chair that moves and all you have to do is push back with your body to recline! This type of recliner will take up even less space than the rocker, since it does not have a footrest. If you prefer to recline while having your feet up, purchase an ottoman to pair with your push-back recliner.

Riser: The riser is a motorized reclining chair. This means that you do not have to push back or pull a lever to recline. You simply use a control that is connected to the recliner to adjust to your preferred position. The Riser recliner is ideal for someone with injuries or a physical disability that makes it hard for them to get up or sit down without assistance.

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Buying a recliner should be both an exciting and liberating experience. You can finally recline in your own home comfortably! What type of recliner do you prefer best? If you would like additional information on how to purchase the perfect recliner, contact a design consultant today! Click here for even more relaxing furniture options!

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