Throwback Thursday - 1970s Furniture

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Feb 27, 2014 11:30:00 AM
That 70's Show
“I love the ‘70s.” – Elle Fanning

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! Today we are celebrating the 1970s. Do you remember what the interior design style was like over 40 years ago?
Décor and designs change from decade to decade but we have to admit, the 70s had STYLE! Sofas were low to the ground, crazy in design and brightly colored. Lots of LARGE wood was used for dining room and bedroom furniture. Obviously the trends are different now but we still see a hint of the 70s in furniture design!

Accent pieces are still as bright as ever. Crazy fabric designs are still in demand. Designers in the 70s used a lot of plaid fabrics and shag type draping (just imagine the houses in the hit television show, That ‘70s Show). The colors of today have a more sophisticated look that brings them up to date.
Let’s travel back to the 70s and take a look at the furniture designs that were used during that decade.

1970 Accent Chair
Accent Chairs
1970s - Today

1970 Dining Room
Dining Room Furniture
1970s - Today

1970 End Table
End Table
1970s - Today

1970 Loveseat
1970s - Today

1970 Bedroom Furniture
Bedroom Furniture
1970s - Today

1970 Interior Design
Interior Design
1970s - Today

What interior design styles do you miss from the 1970s? What styles do you wish we could bring back? Like traveling back in time with us? Click here to see what furniture design was like in the 1980s!
If you are interested in adding style and design from the 70s into your current home design, schedule an appointment with a design consultant today! They can help you modernize the 70s style so that it fits into todays style and design!

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