Top 5 Sofas You'll Want for the Holidays

Posted by Melissa Mott on Nov 13, 2015 9:34:00 AM

The holidays are right around the corner! Is your home prepared for the festivities? If not, check out the top 5 sofas that you’ll want to have, especially around the holiday season.

5. Grandview Sectional by Bernhardt

Grandview Sectional Bernhardt

Let’s be real here—your family never shows up to a holiday dinner at the exact moment it’s ready. They come, hang out for a little while, and catch up on all the latest family gossip while Grandma’s basting the turkey and making mashed potatoes. So where will everyone go in the meantime? This sectional will be able to not only fit everyone comfortably while they wait, but it will also look absolutely gorgeous in your regal living room.

4. Sanders Reclining Sofa by Klaussner

Sanders Reclining Sofa Klaussner

After stuffing your face with as many mouthfuls of as many different dishes as you can in one sitting, you’re going to need a place to kick back and relax for a while. Make sure you have a place that reclines to the perfect angle where you’ll want to take that post-dinner and pre-dessert nap.

3. Breville Sleeper Sofa by Ashley Furniture

Breville Sleeper Sofa Ashley Furniture

If your in-laws live too far away to drive back home that night, let them be your guest and offer them a real cozy place to stay for the night. Don’t want your in-laws to stay overnight? No problem! They’ll never know that this beautiful couch is a pull-out unless you actually show them.

2. Azlyn Sofa by Ashley Furniture

Azlyn Sofa Ashley Furniture

Okay, so I know it’s not always about pleasing others when it comes to your furniture—so get something that you’ll really love and will really impress your trend-setting sister. This couch will make her think that your sense of style has dramatically increased since the last time she saw you even though you really didn’t try too hard to achieve it. Plus, nothing can beat listening to her paying you compliments all night.

1. Bentley Sofa by Klaussner

Bentley Sofa Klaussner

So Uncle Joe will most likely accidentally spill a little bit of cranberry sauce on your white couch and try to cover it up by “cleverly” placing the pillow right on top of that terrible stain. It’s even more unfortunate if you don’t notice it until the next day. This couch can let your mind rest easy when Uncle Joe is over, though, because with its stain-resistant, removable, and washable slipcover, just about anything can come right out.


Don’t let the holidays (or your family) ruin your holiday spirit this year. Be prepared for them and make your home somewhere you’ll want to be with them!

Out of these 5 couches, which do you want the most for the holidays? Let me know in the comments!

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