Why “Made in America” will Save the World

Posted by Melissa Mott on Nov 6, 2015 10:05:00 AM

Not many retails stores have always offered more than just a few (if any) products marked with a true “Made in America” stamp, but that’s all changing now. Because of the innumerable amount of benefits of making furniture here in the US instead of outside of the country, the demand for having American made furniture is rising.

The truth of the matter is that buying American made products will not only show off your patriotism, but it will also help save the world (or maybe just America). Here's how:


1. The economy will stabilize

American manufacturers help to reduce the unemployment rate in America and stabilize our economy. Just one manufacturing job in the U.S. supports five other U.S. jobs.

Vaughan Bassett - Made in America

2. Products will become safer

Many countries outside of the U.S. don’t have as strict safety regulations which have caused massive safety recalls on numerous products. Products that are made in America take the worry out of safety issues because of the Consumer Product Safety Commission which aims to maintain the protection and safety of Americans through consumer products.

3. The community will strengthen

Imagine expressing your patriotism every single day. That’s what it’s like when you start to support local businesses that make their own products. With the vendor’s manufacturing site here in America, then most of the profits they make will most likely be going back to America in some way, and you helped contribute to that.

Klaussner - Made in America

4. It’s easier on the environment

Because manufacturers in America don’t have to transport their products overseas, they have considerably smaller carbon footprints. In fact, Vaughan Bassett even plants a new tree in place of every tree they used in manufacturing. Since 2007, they have planted over 1 million trees. They have also invested in rough end systems that decrease the number of trees that are needed to produce furniture by 20%.

Urban Collection - Made in America

5. You’ll get exactly what you want

Unlike other vendors that mass-manufacture their products and don’t offer any custom options, the Urban Collection by Yutzy Woodworking allows anyone to pick and choose which features they like for a completely unique piece. Yutzy is made by hand by the Amish and ensures perfection in each and every piece they make, although no two pieces are ever exactly the same because of the their use of natural wood.


Help your economy, community, and environment and stay safe. All with the added bonus of having it completely customized to fit your style! Vaughan Bassett and Yutzy Woodworking furniture are vendors to be proud of buying because you’re helping your country and getting not only a well-made product, but something that looks beautiful, too. Be proud to buy furniture made in America. Be proud to be an American.

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