10 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Mattress

Posted by Melissa Mott on May 31, 2015 8:00:00 AM

 “It’s not me—it’s you.”

It happens. And you’re definitely not the only one going through it. Sometimes you just grow apart from one another and become more and more unhappy as the days go on. Or maybe you were never right for each other in the first place. Eventually, you’re both just uncomfortable having to sleep together every night. It’s time. It’s time to break up with your mattress.

Here are the 10 signs you need to break up with your mattress and look for a new one:


1. You have the generic “medium-firm” and although for some people this is fine, you on the other hand got the “medium-firm” mattress because you didn’t feel like trying out all of the beds in the store. After all, you’re not Goldilocks. You probably tried a couple and then shrugged and decided that one of the first few were fine. Now you’re deeply regretting that decision, huh?


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2. You’re constantly tossing & turning at night because you’re so uncomfortable laying on that thing. This makes it impossible for you to actually fall asleep.


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3. You can feel the springs protruding from the “padded” mattress so well that you can practically count how many there are without so much as even getting off of it.


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4. Your bed makes more noise than you while you’re sleeping. If you’re a snorer, those creaks and squeaks are loud enough to wake you up at night (if they already haven’t).


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5. There are noticeable sags and lumps. No one tells people this, but mattress age just like people do. Its padding sags and its frame isn’t as firm anymore. And no one’s comfortable when that’s noticeable and exposed.


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6. It’s been about 6-10 years since you've gotten it but you’ve just been so busy that you haven’t even noticed. If you’re now married with 2 kids and you’re still using the same mattress from your roommate-living days, it’s time to let it go. You can’t live in your glory days forever.


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7. Your eyes are always watering, and it’s not because you’re upset about parting with your beloved mattress. With all of the dust and dirt that inevitably gets trapped inside of your mattress over time, your allergies are practically uncontrollable.


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8. You sleep better somewhere else. Sometimes it’s easier to just not come home and face your mattress for a night. If you sleep better in a hotel bed or on your best friend’s couch, I think you’ve officially grown apart.


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9. You dread going to sleep at night when you’re home because you know it’s going to be late night full of tossing and turning. No matter how early you lay in bed, the actual amount of hours you’ll sleep is always unknown. Then, you wake up the next day practically a zombie. You’re so mad at your mattress for always keeping you up all night. What did you ever do to it?


10. You often think about if others are this unhappy with their mattresses. As you lay wide awake, staring up at the ceiling, you can’t help but think about all your friends and wonder if they’re unhappy, too. What if they’re excited to go to bed at night? You used to be excited to go to bed at night. Actually, now that you think about it, you used to just go to bed because you had to. You never once spent more time laying on that mattress than you had to. Maybe it was never the perfect match for you.


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