10 Tips for Decorating with Area Rugs

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Mar 18, 2014 11:30:00 AM

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Tired of your boring living room? Want to protect your hardwood flooring or brand new carpet? A rug is not only used for protecting your home from spills and falls, but they are also used for decorating. Adding a rug to your space can complete your design. It can define your room and add color, warmth and flair

How can you make sure you are purchasing the perfect rug for your space? Read the following tips so you will be prepared to give your home a new and exciting look using accent rugs!

1. Rugs can define or separate a space. If you have an open floor plan in your home, use a rug to separate your living room from your dining room. You can also use a rug to separate your foyer from your living room.

2. If you would like more than one rug in a room, use different sizes. Don’t just put two huge rugs in one room. Decorate your room by adding one small rug and one larger one. If your rugs are the same size, it will divide the room.

Accent Rug

3. While you can mix furniture styles, try not to mix rug styles. Ensure that the rugs that you choose for a room complement each other in style. The colors could be contrasting but you want to make sure your room is harmonized.

4. If you are looking to add a rug to a furnished space, choose one that will bring out the color of your current furniture and accents. If your room is already bright and colorful, choose a neutral colored rug with a basic pattern.

5. An accent rug can make your room calmer or more exciting. If you have a neutral colored room with neutral furniture, an elaborate rug can bring excitement to that design. If your furniture is already exciting enough, a neutral colored rug will calm down the space to balance the design. 

Surya Accent Rug

6. Use a rug as the focal point of your room. Matching the rug color to the wall color is a very popular trend. Build off of the colors of your rug when designing.

7. Choose a rug shape that would best fit the room. The way you arrange your furniture has a great deal to do with the shape of the rug you should choose. If you have a sectional, a rectangular or square rug will add to the design perfectly. If you have a sofa and chair, any shape rug can complement your design.

8. Measure your space before you buy! Don’t waste your time and money by buying a rug that is either too big or too small for your space. Allow a minimum of 24 inches of rug from the perimeter of the table. If you are looking to cover a large portion of your space, we would suggest buying a rug that is 3 feet smaller than the width and length of your room. Need help? Click here to learn how to properly measure your room. 

Bedroom Accent Rug

9. Looking to place a rug in your hallway or foyer? Choose one that is between 18 and 24 inches. It should also be 4 inches thinner than your hallway.

10. Make sure you use a rug liner so that your rug does not slip and slide while you are walking on it. Before buying a rug liner, make sure the one you are purchasing goes with the type of floor you would like to place the rug on!

Now you are ready to decorate your home with area rugs! Still unsure wear to put your first accent rug? Contact a design consultant for guidance and advice during your interior design process. 

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Do you have any other decorating tips when it comes to using rugs to add flair and excitement to a room? Comment below to join the conversation!

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