10 Tips for Moving Furniture

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Mar 15, 2014 11:30:00 AM

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Last year, you purchased stunning, great quality, new furniture piece. Now you want to rearrange your room and switch things up. How can you safely move 

your furniture without hurting your furniture or even more importantly, yourself? Keep these ten tips in mind the next time you decide to move furniture around in your home.

1. Slide the furniture. Don’t lift it, especially if it is too heavy! Push and pull the furniture. Most people don’t know how to properly lift things anyways. If you do have to lift something, use the strength from your legs and keep your back straight so you don’t end up hurting yourself!

2. Use household items. If you are moving a very large item, put small pads under the legs so you don’t scratch your hardwood floors. If you don’t have any moving pads around, use towels that you can wrap around the furniture piece. You can also use cardboard for moving furniture. Cardboard works well when moving furniture on your carpet.

3. Clear a path. Clearing a path before you begin moving the furniture is very important. You don’t want to trip over furniture or toys while you are trying to move large furniture. Clear a path that you know will be safe while you move your furniture.

4. Remove parts. Remove any parts that can be removed in order to move the furniture safely. For example, remove the glass off of a glass cocktail table. Removing the legs off of a sofa will help you if you are trying to fit it through a tight space.

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5. Keep everything together. If your furniture piece comes with a lot of different parts, keep them together in a small bag and tape them underneath the piece so that you don’t lose them. If the piece comes with an instructional manual, keep that with the piece also just in case you need it again someday!

6. Empty everything out. Many people forget to do this or they just try to save time by not emptying their furniture before moving it. However, emptying the contents out of your furniture before trying to move it will make it easier and quicker to move. This will also prevent something from falling out and breaking or creating a big mess in transit.

7. Apply wax to fine wood furnishings. This will protect the wood against scratches that might occur while you are moving the furniture.

8. Cover furniture. Covering the furniture with towels or blankets will further protect your furniture while you are moving it from room to room. Tie the blanket on with a rope or tape. If you are going to use tape, make sure you do not tape directly on the furniture piece itself because this could damage the finish.

9. Clean later. Don’t worry about cleaning the furniture before you move it. It could get dirty in the process, so save your time and money by saving the cleaning for later. Once you have everything situated in your room to your liking, then worry about the cleaning!

10. Use the buddy system. If you are trying to move heavy furniture by yourself, the chances of you hurting yourself could be very high. Ask for help from a friend or family member. Sure, you might be strong enough to move an end table by yourself but there is no way you can move a huge entertainment center by yourself. Two people are a lot stronger than one!

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If you are interested in additional tips on how to safely move your furniture, reach out to us and we will help with whatever you need during your moving or redesigning process! 

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