3 Blasts from Style's Past

Posted by Max Grossman on Jun 12, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Today we're going back in time to see what people used to considered stylish furniture and compare it to what we think looks good today. Brace yourselves, because here we go.  


 1) Fancy French v. Rustic Refresh

There's a lot more to French history than a Revolution, Napoleon, and siding with the Allies in WWII. In fact, France's past includes great upholstered beds (like the one shown below).


French Upholstered Bed

Fast-forward to today, and the upholstered bed has been adopted and integrated into many flavors of furniture, like it has been with this rustic bed (which like its French forefather, can be seen underneath).

Convetry Two Tone Upholstered Bed at Kensington Furniture

2) Diginified Davenport v. Taylored Textures


Does your sofa have gold arms and legs? Probably not, but for the high class of yesteryear, that was definitely in vogue.



Today's sofas go for a different look, combining tailored fabrics with funky embroidering.  



3) Baroque Blinds v.Graceful Glass


Old school lamps were, well, dazzling. With beads, different stitching, and plenty of craftsmanship put into the shades, history's lamps were more about flash than their intended function - lighting a room.


Today, while the craftsmanship on antique furniture pieces aren't gone, the overwhelming "ornateness" of antiquity’s lamps has taken a back seat to sleek style.


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