3 Last-Minute DIY Centerpiece Ideas for Memorial Day

Posted by Melissa Mott on May 25, 2015 8:00:00 AM

With Memorial Day festivities starting in just a couple of hours, here are some simple, easy and cheap DIY centerpieces that your guests are sure to love!


Affordable & Fast
(Picture and instructions courtesy of 32Turns.com)

If you still have some time before your party, take a run to the dollar store and maybe Michaels (depending on what your local dollar store sells) to pick up some mason jars, colored shredded paper, bakers twine, and pinwheels for this incredibly affordable project. This blogger actually made the pinwheels herself using paper, dowels, and silver brads (or pins), but if you’re playing with a strict deadline, it may just be easier to buy them in a variety of red, white, and blue colors.

I think the assembly part is probably even easier than picking out which style of mason jars or color of pinwheels you’re going to use is!

  1. Place a small layer of red shredded paper at the bottom of the jar
  2. Place another small layer of white shredded paper on top of the red
  3. Place the last layer of blue shredded paper on top of the white
  4. Tie a small knot around the rim of the jar
  5. Stick 2-3 pinwheels in each jar

This project really allows a lot of creative freedom and my only suggestion is that if you’re having a hard time locating the same fancy bakers twine last minute, pick up some generic beige twine if you don’t already have some laying around. This will add to the rustic feel of the mason jars!

Easy & Edible
(Picture courtesy of ByStephanieLynn.com)

Well, who doesn’t love fun yet functional centerpieces? Not only will your guests love the simplicity of these pieces, but they can also snack on them while you’re BBQing. All you’ll need to complete this project are glass cups or jars (which may already be in your cabinet!), small American flags, and a candy of your choice. I think this DIY project would work best with M&Ms or gumballs. Once again, you can probably get all of these supplies at your local dollar store!

  1. Place a handful of blue candies at the bottom of the jar
  2. Place another handful of white candies on top of the blue
  3. Place the last layer of red candies on top of the white
  4. Stick 2-3 American flags in each jar

For smaller glasses, like the one pictured all the way to the left, it’s best to create an “accent” jar where you only use one color. For multiple tables, I suggest varying between red, white, and blue accent jars at each one! Simple, right?

Effortless & Elegant
(Picture and instructions courtesy of TheMoney-Pit.com)

If you have a little more time to spare before your BBQ, I strongly suggest crafting this project (it’s my favorite!). You will have to find red (kidney), white (great northern), and “blue” (black) beans from your local grocery store or farmer’s market before attempting this DIY, which is why I only suggest doing it if you have a little more time to spare. However, if you really do have a hard time finding the three different colored beans, there’s nothing wrong with buying a couple cans of spray paint and coloring them yourself! Then, you’ll only need a couple glass jars of any size.

Assembly is, once again, simple. The hardest part will be deciding on which shape of jars you’ll want to use to display your patriotism via beans. This blogger used one hourglass shaped jar and then just a traditional drinking glass she already had for the extra beans.

  1. Take a small handful of white beans and place at the bottom of the glass
  2. Take a small handful of red beans and place on top of the white beans
  3. Take another small handful of white beans and place on top of the red beans
  4. Repeat as much as necessary to fill your glass ¾ of the way
  5. Take 2-3 handfuls of “blue” beans and place on top of the white beans

There’s no shame in dumping it out and starting all over if your jar is a different size and requires either more or less handfuls for each layer. The best part of this DIY is that it’s impossible to really mess up!

(Picture courtesy of MakeDoodle.com)

Here’s another blogger who did the same project but with a different jar. There an endless possibilities! I absolutely love how classy and elegant these centerpieces will make your party look.


By crafting any one of these Memorial Day DIY centerpieces, your guests are sure to believe you spent a lot more time and money on them. But don’t worry—your secret is safe with me. Happy Memorial Day!

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