3 Ways to Make Your Living Room Ready for Thanksgiving Football

Posted by Melissa Mott on Nov 25, 2015 8:15:00 PM

The holidays are finally here! But is your living room ready for Thanksgiving football?

1. Bring in the Perfect Sectional

Seamus Sectional by Ashley Furniture

Instead of pulling up all of those folding chairs, having the biggest sectional possible is a sure way to know that you won’t be fighting with your brother during the game over whose turn it is to sit on that dreaded hunk of metal. Sectionals loaded with reclining seats will also shut him up since everyone (including your dramatic brother) will be able to lounge before and after they stuff their mouths with pounds of turkey.

2. Accent with a Masculine Recliner

Niabrobi Recliner by Ashley Furniture

Because Grandpa insists on having his own personal “Thanksgiving Football Chair” and wouldn’t be caught dead sitting in anything with nailheads and plush seating.

3. Tie it Together with a Multifunctional TV Stand

Gavelston TV Stand by Ashley Furniture

If you want to spare yourself from hearing yet another lecture about how “you should know how to do these things yourself by now” from your husband, placing your flat screen on a TV stand instead of mounting it to the wall is probably your best bet. Want to make it fashionable? Put a working electric fireplace in the middle so you can stay warm and cozy while watching Thanksgiving football.

That’s all it takes to make your living room the best place to watch the game this holiday! Which team will you be rooting for during Thanksgiving football?

Don't forget about creating your own last-minute Thanksgiving decor! Check out our Pinterest board for some really awesome ideas. 

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