3 Ways to Make Your Memorial Day Mess-Resistant

Posted by Melissa Mott on May 22, 2015 3:30:00 PM

Memorial Day often means a day full of relaxing while partying and barbequing. But what happens when Uncle Joe starts dozing off into a food coma while sitting on your white couch? That bright red sauce from those Buffalo wings he ate earlier in the day is still lingering on his fingertips which aggressively clutch the cushions of your sofa in a state of panic as he dreams with drool slipping out of the corner of his mouth and falling directly onto your pillow. You can’t help but cringe while watching him slowly turn your beautiful white couch an orangey shade of red, much like the color of your face is soon becoming.

With a Sunbrella sofa, you will never have to worry about Uncle Joe or any other party guests ruining your white couch after a hefty food coma ever again.  With its advanced, durable and stain-resistant fabric, you can let Uncle Joe rub his grubby little hands all over that thing while you have the ease of mind knowing that it will all easily wipe away later with only water.

So how does it get even better? Sunbrella fabric comes in various colors and can cover an array of different couches to fit your specific style. At Kensington Furniture, we offer numerous furniture lines that can be purchased in Sunbrella fabric.



1. Jonathan Louis

If you like your furniture to be comfy yet stylish, the Jonathan Louis line in Sunbrella fabric is probably for you. After Uncle Joe gets a feel of how comfy this couch is, he’ll start calling over all the rest of your relatives, like Aunt Jane with the 5 cats and 6-year-old Cousin Jimmy who believes he’s the Pablo Picasso of finger painting. But you will have nothing to worry about.



2. Flexsteel

Let’s face it. Not all furniture holds up as well as it used to (or as well as you thought it used to). Luckily for you, the Flexsteel line can also come in the durable Sunbrella fabric, making your couch and loveseat not only long-lasting, but also remaining stain-free! Uncle Joe may have fallen asleep on that thing every single Memorial Day for the last 10 years while eating his Buffalo wings, however you’d never be able to tell from how well it has held up and by the pristine condition it’s still in.



3. Klaussner

You may have thought before that cleaning a regular couch to eliminate the remnants of Uncle Joe was nearly impossible or would cost a million dollars for how often he came by. You probably thought such a durable and stain-resistant (or Uncle Joe-resistant) piece of furniture was completely out of your price range; but at Kensington, the Klaussner line sold is in Sunbrella fabric for only $999, making it much more affordable than you ever would have imagined.


So this Memorial Day, don’t entertain a party in which you’re constantly worrying about whether or not your Uncle Joe will destroy your house and furniture. You deserve being able to enjoy yourself and letting loose, maybe even joining Uncle Joe for an after-party nap on your beloved couch. Because, after all, once you buy a couch in Sunbrella fabric, the only fear you’ll have is not knowing when your guests (like Uncle Joe) are actually going to leave.

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