4 Steps to Choosing the Ultimate Entertainment Center

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Mar 30, 2014 3:38:00 PM

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According to a Nielsen Media Research study, in 2006 there were 2.73 television sets in the typical home with 2.55 people. This means that the average American home now has more television sets than people! Your television cannot stand alone. Introduce it to its new best friend: an entertainment center.

The entertainment center often finds itself at the center of the room and acts as the focal point. Everyone likes to be entertained, whether it be by watching television, playing video games or listening to music. Your new entertainment center can provide you with all of the previously mentioned things! Before you head out to the store to purchase one of your home, check out the list that we complied of the 4 steps to choosing the ultimate entertainment center.

1. Measure your space. Before you even think about purchasing an entertainment center, measure the space you are working with. Consider the size of the entire room. If your room is on the smaller side, buying a ginormous entertainment center would definitely not be the best idea. It would make your room look even smaller. By measuring ahead of time, you will be able to pick out the perfect entertainment center for your room. Also make sure that you have easy access to your space where the entertainment center will be positioned. Consider the hallways, doorways and stairs (if any) that you will have to maneuver through to get your entertainment center in your home. Click here to learn how to properly measure your room!

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2. Know your TV. Each entertainment center is built to hold a television of a certain size and weight. Find out the exact measurement and weight of your television before you buy a media center to accompany it. Knowing the size of your television will narrow down the search thus making your buying experience easier. If you do not already have a television to put in (or on!) your entertainment center, you can purchase your entertainment center first and then buy a television that will fit perfectly with the new center.

3. Think about what you want to store. Entertainment centers hold more than televisions. You can store the Xbox, controllers and other accessories that go along with the game center. You can store a DVR and your cable box. You can store a DVD player or Blu-Ray player. Whatever you have for your electronics, you can store it in your new entertainment center. The best thing about an entertainment center? No cords! This means that the room you place your entertainment center in will be more organized and will look cleaner due to there being no random cords lying on your floor.

4. Decide the style, color and material. Now it is time to think about aesthetics and how your entertainment center will fit into your current interior design. Thankfully, entertainment centers are built in many different shapes, sizes and colors. There is a perfect entertainment center out there for everyone! Make sure that your entertainment center matches the design of your current room. If you haven’t furnished that particular room yet, choose the accompanying furniture based on your new entertainment center which is now the main focal point of your room.


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