4 Tips For Choosing a Family Friendly Dining Chair

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Apr 20, 2014 11:30:00 AM
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Two of the busiest rooms in your home are the kitchen and dining room. Both rooms serve as a place for gathering, drinking and eating. They are places where you can relax with your family, catch up on recent events and eat a delicious home cooked meal. Most of our customers are looking for furniture for their family, and because of that, will only purchase something if it fits the needs of their entire family. Dining room furniture and kitchen chairs are in every home, but are they kid-friendly? Check out the guidelines below for choosing the perfect chair for your busy family.

Stain Resistant Chairs. Choosing kid-friendly dining chairs is essential for a busy family. Wood and leather or microfiber upholstered chairs are best suited for a family with children because you can easily wipe off spills. If you are going to go with a leather upholstered chair, make sure you choose one that is stain resistant. It is very easy to wash the stains off of a microfiber upholstered chair (click here to learn how). Darker shades of microfiber and leather will hide additional accidental stains. If your children are very active at the table, choose a chair with arms so that their movements are contained.
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Tighten Up The Screws. For many chairs, frequent movement and continued use will cause the screws to loosen over time. Make sure that all screws are tightened to prevent an accidental fall. Keeping the screws tightened will also create less movement for the person sitting on the chair.

Kid Friendly Chairs. Make sure that your child is sitting comfortably at the table while eating. Their chair should be suitable to their height when eating. If the chair is too low, children have the tendency to stand up and reach for food or drinks on the table which is very dangerous. Keep the food within their reach so they don’t need to move around in their chair.

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Protect Your Chair. If your children are really messy and you think your chair is going to need some additional protection, purchase a few chair pads to use while they eat. Chair pads tie to the chair with strings and are essentially a cover for the chair seat itself. They function as an extra cushion and come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. You can also purchase chair covers that work like a slipcover for a sofa. They cover the chair and some even have elaborate backs with designs and colors. Chair covers can easily be cleaned by throwing them in the washing machine.

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