5 Pieces of Furniture Every Bedroom Should Have

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Mar 25, 2014 11:30:00 AM

Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is your sanctuary. It is your quiet place. It is your alone place. It is your sleepingplace. Are you looking for a way to update your bedroom and improve your comfort? Purchasing bedroom furniture will kill the two birds with one stone. Nowadays, new bedroom furniture is extremely stylish. There is a style for every customer. Back in the day, no one shared their bedroom with guests. It is more common for your guests to see your bedroom now. For example, you just purchased a new house and your friends want a tour. Maybe your home is a one story rancher and you have to pass your bedroom on the way to the bathroom. Click here to read about why you should buy bedroom furniture! Don’t neglect or forget about your bedroom. New bedroom furniture allows you to reinvent your space. You can make your bedroom your own personal retreat.

No matter what design or style you choose, there are five furniture pieces that should be incorporated in your bedroom space no matter what. Of course, you want to get the most for your money which is why here at Kensington Furniture we have a large variety and selection of bedroom sets. Let’s explore the five furniture pieces that every bedroom should have.

Bedroom Furniture

1. A MATTRESS. Why is a mattress important? Well, a mattress is the only thing that you utilize every single day for over 8 hours a night. We would say that is pretty important. Not only can your mattress provide you with a better night sleep, but it can also improve your overall health. You are going to spend over one third of your life asleep. When you select a mattress, make sure you take the size, support, construction and firmness into consideration before you buy!

2. A BED. Once you have the perfect mattress picked out, buying the bed frame itself is the next step. A bed normally takes up the most space in your room and is the focal point of the room. There are many different sizes of bed frames so choose the one that is right for you. Once you know the size you prefer, the style of the bed is next to consider. Choose a style that you know you will be happy with for a long time. You will be sleeping on it for many years to come!

Bedroom Furniture

3. A DRESSER. A dresser provides both storage and shelf space for your room. Make sure that your dresser is scaled to your room. You do not want to have a huge dresser in a small room. Dressers come in many shapes and sizes so take that into consideration before you buy. Do you need to save space? If so, go with a vertical dresser. If you want to spread out your furniture, a horizontal dresser might be better for your room. You can display your favorite picture frames, vases and other accent items on your dresser. It is a popular trend to use your dresser as a television stand if you do not have the room for an entertainment center in your bedroom.

4. A NIGHTSTAND. Having a nightstand right next to your bed allows for easy-access storage. For example, when going to bed at night, many people have their alarm clock, cell phone and even a glass of water on their nightstand. You can also place a lamp on your nightstand if you like to read in bed. The recommended height for a nightstand is about the same height of the top of your mattress. If there is only one person sleeping, only one nightstand is needed. However, if there are two people, you might want to consider buying two nightstands, one for each side of the bed (one for each person).

Bedroom Furniture

5. A MIRROR. This might seem silly, but if your significant other is taking too long in the bathroom in the morning, you are going to want (and need!) a mirror in your bedroom so that you can get ready for your day. You need a mirror to dress yourself in the morning and to fix your makeup (or fix your tie). Including a mirror to your bedroom design adds to the aesthetics of the room and it can even be used as an accent piece.

What other furniture pieces are needed to complete your bedroom design? Comment below to join in on the conversation. Need help with your furniture design? Make an appointment to talk to a design consultant today!

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