5 Pieces of Furniture for the #1 Soccer Mom

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Mar 22, 2014 11:30:00 AM


“Soccer is a magical game.” - David Beckham

Soccer season is upon us and the excitement for MLS is back. For many of us in New Jersey, soccer season never ends. Between travel soccer, tournament soccer and middle/high school soccer, our soccer star children are always busy traveling from game to game. They are competitive, determined and more importantly, obsessed with the game of soccer. So why shouldn’t you be too? As a soccer mom, it is your job to transport and feed the soccer team. The number one soccer mom goes above and beyond and not only worries about her child, but thinks about the entire soccer team. A soccer mom is nonstop busy and must have the proper furniture in her home to accommodate all of her players that aspire to be the next David Beckham. What furniture pieces are essential? Let’s take a look!

Stearns and Foster Mattress

The Perfect Mattress. Sleeping is the only thing that you do every single day for a long period of time. It is extremely important to be comfortable while sleeping so you can sleep longer and get a better nights rest. The perfect mattress differs for every single soccer mom. Do you prefer a soft or firm mattress? Whatever you prefer, the only way to know if you are going to like a mattress is to actually sleep on it (or lay on it for twenty minutes in our store!). Mattresses have come a long way and there have been many technological advances that have occurred in the past twenty years. Sleep longer on a perfect mattress so that you can get more done during the day!

Large Sectional Sofa

Large Sectional. With 11 players on the field at all times, a soccer mom must have a sectional large enough to fit the entire team in her living room! Let’s say your soccer team has 18 players, that means that you need at least 18 seats in your living room. Sure, an 18 seated sectional would be pretty obnoxious, but it can be done! Stay simple and get a normal sized sectional with lots of pillows so that your soccer players can sit comfortably on the sectional and on the floor if needed. A sectional will maximize the space of your living room or basement and it will provide an excellent hang out spot for your team!

Dining Table

Dining Table. After the game, a soccer mom will host the entire team at her house for pizza and soda. A large dining table will allow the team to socialize and eat without having to travel to different parts of your home. This also means less mess for you to clean up at the end of the night! If you are looking to purchase a large dining table, go with a solid wood piece that can withstand the strength of your soccer team leaning and gathering on it. You might also want to think about certain waxes and finishes that you can put on the dining table to help to keep it safe from scratches and dents. Click here to learn how to create the perfect dining table.

Small Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center. Chelsea is playing Arsenal today and your soccer team is going to need a large television to watch it on! Set your entertainment center near your sectional and have a soccer watching party. Watch soccer inspired movies such as “She’s the Man” or “Air Bud 3” to get the team excited about their upcoming tournament. You can also use the entertainment center to display the awards that the soccer team won during their latest tournament.

Bedroom Mirror

Large Mirror. A soccer mom always has to look her best when she leaves the house because it could be a while before she returns. A large mirror will allow you to make sure your makeup is set, your hair is done to perfection and your soccer cap is on tight. Your soccer stars can also use the mirror to make sure that their game gear is all set and that they are ready to go to their next tournament. Get ready for a day filled with soccer!

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