5 Simple Design Fixes to get Your Dining Room Ready for the Holidays

Posted by Carolyn Wood on Oct 23, 2014 10:39:22 AM

We’ve all been there…..hosting family for the holidays, throwing a sweet sixteen birthday party for your daughter, or just entertaining the neighbors for an impromptu get-together, when we suddenly realize our dining room has definitely seen better days. Sometimes this realization comes well in advance of the event, but all too often we notice that huge scratch running across the table or the stain on the carpet from last year’s cocktail party, at the last minute. No worries, our 5 fixes will take your dining room from drab to fab!


1.) Cut a Rug!


Area rugs are an inexpensive and easy way to instantly update your dining room while adding some color at the same time. If it’s within your budget, you may even want to change your rug out seasonally. They’re also a great fix for not so nice looking carpeting that would normally age and distract from a beautifully displayed dining table. Surya offers an array of sizes and designs for all budgets.

2.) Sit Awhile!

bestdiningchair-1Nothing is worse than having uncomfortable or dated dining chairs for your guests. If you love your table, splurging on some new chairs may be just what your dining room need’s to go from old to bold! Rather than opting for wood chairs which may be difficult to match to your dining table, go for fully upholstered chairs. It’s a great way to add color and comfort. Best chair offers several dining chairs options which are fully customizable in an array of fabrics and leg finishes.


3.) Out with the Old and in with the New!canadeldining Sometimes it just makes sense to upgrade your entire dining room set. Whether it comes down to size, functionality, or style it may make more sense to finally upgrade. When choosing a new set, be sure to think about how it will mostly be used. Are you a family of four with just an occasional guest or does extended family live with you as well? How much space do you have? Bigger isn’t always better, so be sure you have at least 2’ of space around your furniture for guest to move freely. Canadel offers an easy to use design tool to customize your own special dining set

4.) A Splash of Color!accessories A simple and easy way to add drama to your table or buffet is with accessories. Think candlesticks, florals, and vases. Accessories are a great bang for your buck. They can be functional, decorative, and stylish all at the same time! Both Imax and Uttermost offer unique and affordable accessories!

5.) Light Up Your Life!chandelier An outdated chandelier or lighting fixture can really date any home. Since many times the chandelier is the focal point of your dining room you shouldn’t overlook it. Having the right lighting sets the mood for the space and shouldn’t be an afterthought. When choosing the right lighting decide if you want the space to be formal or casual, whimsical or serious, modern or country. With so many colors, finishes, and styles to choose from it’s easy to find the perfect chandelier that fits your style and budget. Once you find the perfect fixture be sure to hang it about 30” above the table! Uttermost has many unique and fun chandeliers!

We’ve helped you get your dining room in visitor friendly shape, but the cooking is on you! Hopefully these fixes and tips will take away some of the stress that comes with holidays and parties. Just making a few small changes can spruce up any dining room and wow your guests.

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your dining room when friends and family come calling?