5 Steps for Buying a New Mattress

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Jan 7, 2014 11:00:00 AM
Mattress Mayhem 

The very first mattresses were invented by cave men a long, long time ago. Thankfully, we have the luxury of sleeping on the most technologically advance mattresses ever known! The average person sleeps about 1/3 of their life so it is clear that picking the perfect mattress is 110% essential to the quality of your life!
If you have had your mattress for more than the standard life of seven to ten years, your mattress has lumps or holes or you are waking up with aches and pains, it is probably time to buy a new one! Here are 5 steps for purchasing a new mattress:

       1. Choose your Size
Mattresses come in the following basic sizes: twin, full, queen, king or California king. There are additional different sized mattresses that you can purchase such as a twin XL but they are not as common as the five basic sizes. Choose your size depending on how much space you want to sleep on. If you are sleeping by yourself, you probably won’t need a large bed unless you toss and turn during the night. Choose a larger sized mattress if you are sharing a bed in order to ensure both people have enough sleeping space to be comfortable.

2. Choose your comfort level
There are a lot of mixed messages out there when it comes to which comfort is best for a certain type of sleepers. The best way to determine which type of comfort you prefer in a mattress is to go to the store and lay on it! Try lying there for about 20 minutes to ensure that you stay comfortable. If you are a side sleeper, don’t lay on your back to test out the mattress. Lay on your side! Try to mimic the way you sleep to get the most accurate idea of how the mattress will feel once you bring it home.

3. Keep your body in mind
Contact your doctor to see if he or she has any recommendations. If you suffer from back pain, your doctor might have a certain type of comfort to recommend for you. You would most likely want a mattress that offers good support for back pain.

4. Consider how you sleep
Don’t go for the mattress that is the best for everyone. Go for the one that is the best for you! For side sleepers, a softer mattress would generally be more comfortable. Most back sleepers prefer a firmer mattress. Either way, do not let anyone tell you which mattress is best for you. YOU are the only one who is going to know the correct answer to that question!

5. Determine your price range
Doing your research before you head to the store will save you both time and money. Investigate prices online so that you have a realistic expectation of how much you are going to spend before you get in the store. Remember, the most expensive mattress is not necessarily the best for you. And getting the cheapest mattress would not be the best decision also. You are going to spend about seven to eight hours (hopefully!) on your mattress every single day. Think of buying a new mattress as a great investment that will benefit your health!

And remember, don’t rush! You spend more time on your bed than any other piece of furniture in your home. It is important that you purchase a mattress that is the best for you. It will certainly improve your quality of sleep and your life! 

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