5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Sofa Bed

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Apr 22, 2014 11:30:00 AM

England Sleeper Sofa

When purchasing furniture, the piece must be both stylish and functional, especially when it comes to buying a sofa bed. A sofa bed can be used in your living room but can also provide your home with an extra bed for when guests come to stay over. A sofa bed is great for a small or studio apartment. When you are decorating and designing in a tight space, utilizing a sleeper sofa is a fantastic idea. You can save a ton of space by including a sleeper sofa rather than trying to squeeze in a bed and a sofa. A sofa bed is also perfect if you have friends or your grandchildren sleep over!

Here are five important points to think about when you are choosing which sofa bed to purchase.

Palliser Sleeper Sofa

  1. Comfort. A sleeper sofa needs to be comfortable. You will be using it to relax on but you will also be using it as a bed for eight hours at night. Choose a sleeper sofa with a thick mattress. Don’t be afraid to test out the sleeper sofa before you buy! Pull out the sleeper sofa and lay on the mattress. For increased comfort, check out a memory foam mattress. Most vendors offer a memory foam mattress as an option for their sleeper sofas.
  2. Size. Measure your room before you purchase your sleeper sofa. Click here to learn more about measuring your room! The sofa bed should fit in the space that you are furnishing but with extra room so you can pull out the mattress. If you would like a large sofa but do not have room for the pull out mattress, choose accent items that can be stored such as an easily moveable cocktail table.
  3. Fabric. Here at Kensington Furniture, you can customize (and never compromise!) when it comes to many different furniture pieces. Take your sofa bed and customize it to your liking! Choose a fabric that can endure constant folding and unfolding, such as linen fabric!
  4. Color. The color and design of your sleeper sofa depends on your own preference! Choose a color that will match with your current interior design. If you are redesigning your home, have fun while designing your brand new sleeper sofa and then build the rest of your interior design around it.
  5. Operation. Make sure that the sofa bed is easy to operate. Examine the sofa bed by pulling it out and bringing it back to its normal position. Test the sofa bed before you place your order.

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If you have any additional questions about sofa beds and how you can use one in your home design, contact a design consultant today! They can take a look at your space and make suggestions for your interior design.

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