5 Tools Everyone in the Furniture Industry Should Be Using

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Feb 11, 2014 11:30:00 AM

“An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” 

– Coco Chanel


The furniture industry impacts the lives of every single person. At one point in their lives, a person is going to purchase furniture. It is our goal to make that experience the best it can be. Buying furniture isn't about the frame of the furniture piece. It is about the style and whether or not the customer will be happy with that piece in their home for years to come.


We have come up with 5 Tools that everyone in the furniture industry should be using. Using these tools will better the customer experience and will provide a framework for a more laid back and educational buying process!


Build a Custom Design Center. Investing in a custom design center might cost you some money, but it will totally be worth it in the long run. A Custom Design Center is a place where you can take your customers after they have picked out the furniture piece that they like best. It is a place where the design consultants can make their magic happen and impress the customer. It is very simple to create. Just add some computers, tables and chairs. You want to have fabric and wood samples handy so that they are within reach to show the customer. Sit down with the customer in a more relaxed atmosphere and guide them while they create their dream piece of furniture. Building furniture starts in your showroom but the end result is built in the design center!


Provide more options for customers. Having an average amount of fabric and wood samples will get you by. However, it is easier to “WOW” the customer when they have an endless amount of choices. Different colors, different patterns, different materials of fabric will impress the customer. They are not limited when it comes to creating their perfect custom upholstered furniture piece.


Provide In Home Design services. In Home Design services will not only build your business, but it will also impress those who are in the market for furniture. Allow customers to make appointments with design consultants and send them out to their houses. They will measure the room, get a feel for the customers’ sense of style and come back to the store with a better understanding. Invite the customer back to the store to meet with the design consultant. The design consultant will provide the customer with realistic and stylish options for their living space.



Educate your staffEducate your design consultants! If you sell mattresses also, educate your sleep consultants! Education helps everyone involved in the buying process. The customer will be impressed with the amount of knowledge you are giving them. It will help with the decision process also because the customer will know that what they are purchasing is exactly what they were looking for. 


Build an Outlet Center. Many furniture dealers start and end with their holiday sales. Take a step further and create an outlet center where you can sell floor samples and other quality furniture. It is important that the quality of the furniture does not change within your display floor or your outlet. Think of it like a TJ Maxx store, the same quality items but more affordable prices!

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