8 Tell-tale Signs Your Home May Need a Redesign

Posted by Brielle Pastore on May 13, 2014 11:30:00 AM

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You love your home, but it is time for a change. You are in serious need of a home interior redesign! Redesigning your home can give you a fresh perspective and will bring renewed excitement into your home. Still not convinced? Here are eight reasons why your home needs a redesign:

1. You want to switch up your colors. Summer is coming and your home is feeling a bit dark. Switching up the colors in your home will completely change the vibe of your space. It will bring the fresh perspective and excitement to your home that you are looking for!

2. You just purchased a new focal point that doesn’t match your current design. You fell in love with a sectional sofa and decided to purchase it without thinking about your current design. Ut oh. It doesn’t match your room. No worries! Your mix up just gave you the perfect opportunity to redesign your entire room!

3. You’re bored. Sometimes boredom can get the best of us. Let that be the case! Find some inspiration and create your best design yet!

4. You want to add color and flair. Neutral colored rooms were all the rage back in the day. Nowadays, it’s all about color, color, color. Step outside of your comfort zone and include some bold colors and patterns into your new design!

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5. You yawn when you walk into your room. Even your dog is tired when he walks into the room! Kick the tiredness to the curb and bring some eye catching designs into your space! By just adding one exciting accent piece to your design, you can wake up everyone in the family!

6. It’s been a while. You can’t remember the last time you designed your room. What President was in office the last time you redesigned? You have no idea. It’s time to upgrade! Choose the pieces that must stay in the room and design around them!

7. You spotted your sofa on an old episode of The Brady Bunch. The Brady Bunch was a good show, but it is definitely time for a redesign. The designs and styles have changed drastically since then. Redesigning your home will be exciting for everyone involved (Yes, even your husband!).

8. You are forty years old and have outgrown your Great Grandmothers hand-me-down furniture. Everyone has had a piece of hand-me-down furniture in their home. However, it is time to create your own memories! Purchase a piece of furniture (like a solid wood dining table!) that you can hand down to your children one day. Click here to learn about the advantages of buying solid wood furniture!

If you are interested in redesigning your home but have no idea where to start, make an appointment with a design consultant. A design consultant works with you to create your dream room or even your dream home!

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Can you think of any additional reasons why you should redesign your home? Comment below to join the conversation!

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