A Unique Creation

Posted by Jessica Hauck on Oct 15, 2013 2:13:00 PM
What is your one and only? How do you hold true to yourself and what you love? Must you settle for ordinary when you are one of a kind? The same must apply to the furniture you place in your home. Furniture normally comes in shades of brown, mass produced for convenience. What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? Step out of the norm and fill your home with pieces you connect with, pieces that have a story. Our store designer, Carolyn Wood goes out of her way to find unique pieces from manufacturers to give us the ability to cater to every customer’s style. She finds pieces that are hand painted or use reclaimed wood. Pieces that you can order but all are slightly different. The grain in the wood is different or pieces that are painted might have more blues or reds than others. Carolyn picks furniture that pulls out emotion from the consumer. Furniture that you can place in your home and walk by every day and see it in a different light.
As a collaborative effort, our owner and Carolyn took it one step further and teamed up with an artist, Maggie Oberc, to truly create one of a kind pieces for the store. Maggie is the founder and director of ArtSpot Studio and has had a relationship with Kensington and Carolyn for some time now. (see artist’s bio below) Carolyn and Maggie started by searching through antique shops and by attending auctions to find outdated pieces that have been left behind. Maggie would then give new life to these pieces and they can be found here at Kensington as part of our One and Only Collection. This collection demonstrates the true definition of re-purpose, redefine and rediscover. Old pieces that seem out dated have transformed into works of art thanks to Maggie. Each piece completed has a story. On the back of the hand written tag you will find it’s journey and how it has become the one of a kind piece it is today. Carolyn and Maggie are examples of how creativity and thinking outside of the box can transform any part of your house into a unique creation. 


              BEFORE                                                                                           AFTER

Growing up in  Europe, she was inspired by the world class art, stunning architecture,  and old world craftsmanship.  This inspiration is what led her to study  fine art  and design in her native Poland.  Her adventure continued when she  moved to the United States to further her studies and found her passion,  decorative painting.  Experimenting with unusual media, combining  different textures, seeing potential and finding new  purpose for forgotten treasures is part of her signature style.  Her  natural artistic abilities, willingness to travel both locally and  internationally, and commitment to excellence has established long  lasting relationships with her clients.

ArtSpot  Studio is the company founded in 2004, providing decorative high-end  painting for furniture and architecture with attention to detail.  Artistic approach to wall design combined  with great sense of color and space satisfies even the most discerning  clients.

ArtSpot  Studio is best known for an imaginative blend of old and new. With  Decorative Painting comes a vast array of creative looks for almost any  surface. We can transform any standard  look into spectacular visual treat. Our simple or multilayered  techniques can be applied to walls, furniture, moldings and doors,  ceilings, floors, tiles, canvases. We offer Decorative Finishes using  high quality paints, metallic mediums, plasters and other  textural mediums, stenciling and freehand painting.

We  collaborate with building contractors, designers, architects, commercial  and residential individuals to personalize and capture the vision of  passion of each client’s environment.

Recycling is a new “green” approach to design.  Everything can be given a second life, and be repurposed. Therefore,  there is no need to throw things away. We can transform anything from  Dining Tables, Armoires, Headboards, Night  Stands, Kitchen Cabinets, Bars…even Countertops and Tiles.

BYOF (Bring Your Own Furniture) for a quick makeover, or visit our online store  to see already painted ready for a new home reclaimed furniture.

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