Accent Chairs 101:

Posted by Heather Alper on Mar 4, 2019 3:07:33 PM

Accent chairs are essential! Besides the obvious bonus of providing extra seating for your company on a Friday night, they can be a great piece of art in your home that sparks a conversation with a guest. Or, be the last subtle detail that completes your space!

Is this the piece to your home that you're missing to polish off your living space?... Let’s take a look at the different types of Accent chairs that give you the finishing touch in your home.

Wingback Chair

Bernhardt Wingback Chair

The wingback chair, a classic. This is great for the office or the “man cave” or even the living room to trap in the heat coming off of the fire. It can be the centerpiece for a room to create and set the tone of your space.

Club and Tub Chairs


Club and tub chairs have evolved and adapted throughout time and will continue to do so for years to come. For starting out as a piece that resembled an old fashioned bathtub it certainly has come a long way. Now a days, you would find yourself sitting in this cushioned enclosed chair while drinking your double moccachino.

Occasional Chair

1140260-1Occasional chairs are on the smaller side, but extremely convenient and easy to switch around your home. They can go anywhere in any room and look like they have belonged there the whole time without interfering with the overall style and design of the room.

Slipper Chair

902176-bThe useful and simple slipper chair is one of my favorites. It’s the perfect piece of furniture to tie your space together. Some people don’t realize how useful these accent chairs actually are! It’s great to put in that empty corner of the room AND even better, It’s the perfect place to put on those high heels without struggling thanks to the lack of height the chair provides.


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