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    The Caramel Leather Sofa: Your Homes Little Black Dress.

    Modular Furniture Is The Answer You've Been Searching For

    Bright Idea: Outdoor Lighting

    Tips For Choosing Outdoor Furniture

    Tired is a waste of time!

    Accent Chairs 101:

    How To Get Smart With Your Room Planning

    How Design Consultants Save You Money

    How to Pick the Perfect Furniture

    How To Totally Own Our Buy One, Get One Free Sale.

    White Chocolate Peppermint Martini's

    Five Gifts That Promote Relaxation

    Look Out Turkey, Here Come the Sides!

    Setting The Scene for Thanksgiving

    Senator for a Day: Tackling Important Issues

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    Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins, Please!

    Insider Tips: Helpful Videos

    3 Great DIY Halloween Ideas, with tutorials!

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    The Morning Person's Breakfast Nook

    Stylish Ways to Decorate for Fall

    Make Your Bedroom a Luxurious Retreat!

    How to Decorate with Mirrors

    5 Ways to Survive the Cold, Harsh Winter

    New Year, New Design!

    New Year's Eve Party Tips

    Holiday Gift Guide for New Homeowners

    Jerry's Famous Christmas Cookies Recipe

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    3 Ways to Make Your Living Room Ready for Thanksgiving Football

    Rob's Apple Walnut Stuffing Thanksgiving Recipe

    Top 5 Sofas You'll Want for the Holidays

    Why “Made in America” will Save the World

    4 Stylish Ways to Decorate for Fall

    Day 6: Jeanette's Story

    Day 5: Miriam's Story

    Day 4: Altagracia's Story

    Day 3: Guy's Story

    Day 2: Virginia's Story

    Day 1: Robert's Story

    6 Stereotypes about Poverty that We Need to Stop Spreading

    4 Important Decorating Tips from Benjamin Moore

    6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Furniture

    5 Furniture Buying Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

    How to Customize in 5 Easy Steps

    A Beginner's Guide to Picking Out the Perfect Accent Pillows

    5 Styling Tips for Your Small Living Room

    8 Accessories that Will Instantly Update Your Space

    Go Back to School in Style!

    What is Mixed Media Art?

    Need Help Designing Your Living Room?

    Make Every Day Feel Like Christmas

    Don't Let the Holidays Sneak Up On You

    Custom with Quality—Handmade Amish Furniture

    Why It’s Best to Buy American

    How the Dream Catcher Saved My Marriage

    Real-Life Spill Stories: Could Sunbrella Have Saved It?

    The Perks of Knowing Your Pressure Points

    Why Are the 7 Dwarfs so Emotional Anyway?

    7 Consequences of Sleeping With the Wrong Pillow

    Sleeping In: Will It Actually Make You Less Tired?

    Catching Up on Sleep Isn’t a Real Thing

    3 Father's Day Gifts Any Dad Will Love

    8 Tell-Tale Signs You're Either a Morning Lark or Night Owl

    Top 5 Customer-Rated Pieces from May

    Coastal Styling Tips for Summer

    Customize Your Couch with Cylindo

    Why You Probably Aren't Sleeping at Night

    Dream Away After Trying the Dream Catcher

    10 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Mattress

    Sunbrella in the Summertime

    The Luxuries of a Handmade Mattress

    3 Last-Minute DIY Centerpiece Ideas for Memorial Day

    3 Ways to Make Your Memorial Day Mess-Resistant

    Planning and Preperation are the Keys to Success

    The Kind of Furniture Mom Can Get, That Will Last Until She Has Grandchildren

    Durability and Style Define Sunbrella

    The Perfect Rug Can Compliment Your Furniture and Enhance Your Space

    This Solid, Distressed, Recurved Wooden Piece is Unique

    Pillows are Perfect Gifts for the Holiday Season

    The Body Accents and High Grade Leather Make the Barrett a Winner

    Sitting by a Fire with your Family can be a Reality

    Motion, Leather and Style Combine for the Perfect Holiday Setting

    Sleek and Minimalistic, The Ventnor Defines Modern

    Barbra Will Stand the Test of Time

    The Aptly Named Bentley Will Define a Living Room

    Custom, Quality, North American Furniture

    The 5 Essentials of Furniture Planning

    Simple Dining Room Table Decorating Ideas Anyone Can Do!

    Getting Your Home Holiday Ready Without Breaking the Bank!

    Boring Furniture is like a Rotary Phone.

    Mix and Match Your Way to Great Style!

    What is in a Sofa?

    5 Simple Design Fixes to get Your Dining Room Ready for the Holidays

    4 Things You Need to Know About Canadel

    Print is in!

    The Top Five Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

    Use the Canadel Dining tool before shopping for Dining Room Furniture

    Use customizable furniture to make your living room ideas realities

    3 Blasts from Style's Past

    3 ways to Design a Room with TKO

    3 Reasons to love Sunbrella Fabrics

    Sleep better outside the Bedroom with the Everyday Sleeper

    Stop the Stains with Sunbrella Fabrics

    6 Ways to Use Your Cell Phone to Decorate Your Home

    8 Tell-tale Signs Your Home May Need a Redesign

    Top 2 Ways to Buy Bedroom Furniture

    Mother's Day Gifts for your Design Loving Mom

    4 Home Designs your Mother Would Approve Of

    5 Furniture Gifts for the College Graduate

    Dress up Your Bed with an Upholstered Headboard

    Decorating with the May Color of the Month: Bud Green

    Brighten Up Your Home Design with Surya Rugs, Pillows and Poufs

    Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

    How to Choose Theater Seating for your Home

    Kentucky Derby Interior Design Ideas

    Advantages of Buying Solid Wood Furniture

    Which Bed Style is Best for Your Dream Bedroom?

    7 Ways to Decorate with Flower Home Accents

    Create Your Own Custom Dining Set with the Canadel U-Design Tool

    Guest Blog: Spring Cleaning Tips- Don't Forget Your Furniture!

    How to get the Beach Look Without Jumping Overboard

    The Greatest Sofa to Come Home to After Bayfest

    4 Advantages of Buying a Sectional Sofa

    5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Sofa Bed

    4 Tips For Choosing a Family Friendly Dining Chair

    Cleaning 101: How to Clean Your Upholstered Sofa

    7 Benefits of Buying a Platform Bed

    TKO and Justin Timberlake

    5 Ways to Accessorize Your Bedroom

    How to Spice up Your Dining Room in 5 Easy Steps

    How to Create a Productive and Stylish Home Office

    Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

    How to Choose an Ottoman for your Living Room

    23 Inspiring Design Quotes

    6 Furniture Inspired Things to do While Watching Baseball

    4 Steps to Choosing the Ultimate Entertainment Center

    3 Important Questions to ask Yourself Before you Re-design

    Where to Find Interior Design Inspiration

    5 Pieces of Furniture Every Bedroom Should Have

    How to Clean your Microfiber Sofa in 7 Easy Steps

    The Sleepover Survival Guide for Parents

    5 Pieces of Furniture for the #1 Soccer Mom

    Top 4 Furniture Pieces for your March Madness Party

    8 Decorating Tips for the Spring Season

    Modern Sofas are Making a Comeback

    10 Tips for Decorating with Area Rugs

    5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Green Colors

    How to Make Your Home Clutter-Free With Furniture

    10 Tips for Moving Furniture

    5 Basic Steps to Financing Your Furniture

    What Does It Take To Be A Successful Design Consultant?

    Radiant Orchid - Color of the Year 2014

    How to Properly Measure Your Room

    6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy!

    Protect your Furniture from Sunlight with Solarium Fabric

    How To Spice Up Your Living Room With End Tables

    6 Wall Accents with a WOW Factor

    Jersey Shore Decorating Tips Inspired by Key West

    How To Choose The Right Bar Stools For Your Kitchen

    How To Throw A Mardi Gras Themed Party

    The Worst Advice We Have Ever Heard About Buying Bedroom Furniture

    Watch the Oscars in Style with Ellen DeGeneres

    5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a Sofa

    5 Things you need to know about Interior Design

    Throwback Thursday - 1970s Furniture

    Designs for Derek Jeter (And Other Baseball Enthusiasts!)

    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Purchasing the Perfect Recliner

    Cocktails, Dinner and Furniture Design

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    5 Uses for Ketchup That May Surprise You, Furniture Style!

    Designs for Arnold Palmer (And Other Golf Enthusiasts!)

    Throwback Thursday - 1990s Furniture

    10 Ways to Embrace the Outdoors with Furniture

    Furniture You Wish You Could Have.. RIGHT NOW

    Furniture for Pet Owners (and Pet Lovers!)

    A Mattress Fit For A King (Or An Olympian!)

    The Art of Design: How to Create the Perfect Room

    4 Valentine’s Day Accessories That Cupid Struck with His Arrow

    Throwback Thursday - 1980s Furniture

    Sleep Like A Baby With Bedgear

    5 Tools Everyone in the Furniture Industry Should Be Using

    Entertaining for the South Jersey Socialite

    The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Are Making When Buying Furniture

    #SochiProblems (With Furniture!)

    8 Accent Pieces That Belong in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

    7 Things About Furniture Your Boss Wants To Know

    Lady Gaga and Chairs: 8 Surprising Things They Have in Common

    5 Myths About Buying Furniture

    Office Furniture for the Wolf of Wall Street

    How To Throw A Successful Super Bowl Party

    5 Pieces of Furniture Peyton Manning Probably Has In His House

    Miley Cyrus and Sofas: 10 Surprising Things They Have in Common

    What Will The Super Bowl Be Like In 100 Years?

    8 Pieces of Furniture We Saw At The 2014 Grammy Awards

    5 Signs You Should Invest In Movie Night Furniture

    Sit Back and Relax with Furniture

    Fabrics and Furnishings

    Decorating with Accent Chairs