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by Max Grossman on 25 June 2014

Use the Canadel Dining tool before shopping for Dining Room Furniture

We’ve used our imagination before on the Kensington Furniture Style blog, so lets do it again. 
It’s a Tuesday night after dinner, and for some...
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Dining Room Furniture, Interior Design, Custom Furniture, home decor

by Max Grossman on 17 June 2014

Use customizable furniture to make your living room ideas realities

Kensington's own Store Stylist, Carolyn Wood, expends her time and effort creating beautiful living room, bedroom, and dining room settings for...

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Custom Furniture

by Max Grossman on 12 June 2014

3 Blasts from Style's Past

Today we're going back in time to see what people used to considered stylish furniture and compare it to what we think looks good today. Brace...

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