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Posted by Max Grossman on May 29, 2014 10:33:00 AM

Let's face it, sleeping on a sleeper sofa stinks. The mattress is uncomfortable, it makes your back hurt, and the bed frame squeaks, loudly. Yet, we willingly give up a good night's rest on a sleeper sofa because we love the space they save, the solution it provides for hosting overnight guests, and its dual functionality as both a stylish living room piece and a place to sleep.

Palliser Holiday Casual Sleeper Sofa at Kensington Furniture

However, this conundrum does not apply to all sleeper sofas. The Everyday Sleeper by American Leather (seen below), designed by an engineer who envisioned a piece of furniture that broke sleeper sofas’ uncomfortable convention, does all the things we love about sleeper sofas, and is a very, very comfortable place to sleep. Everyday Sleeper

Sleeper Pulled Out

Part of the reason regular sleepers are so uncomfortable is the bed frames, or the base that acts as a foundation for the mattress. These bases are constructed of metal bars and a thin layer or woven fabric, making for a flimsy substructure that is not nearly as supportive as a conventional box spring that a mattress normally sits on top of.


Moreover, sleepers’ mattresses are almost always a mere 4 inches thick innersprings mattresses. That’s not much barrier between you and the base, and only amplifies the base's lousy support. 

Regular Sleeper Sofa Mattress

Contrary to the less than comfortable sleep surface described above, the Everyday Sleeper's solid and supportive cross cut plywood base and 4 inch thick 2.0 foam mattress, cradles one's body as they sleep, making for a comfortable, uninterrupted night’s sleep.


Besides the comfort factor, the high density foam mattress disallows any motion to be transferred from one person to the next and the solid plywood is so sturdy you (just like Jack is below) can literally walk across the mattress.

Everyday Sleeper Gif

Moreover, as Rita, our design consultant, explains, there is more to love about this piece than comfort and durability:

 RitasFace"The feature I love most about the Everyday Sleeper is that the mattress inside the sofa is a true queen, full, or twin, meaning it has the same dimensions of the bed in your bedroom. Regular sleeper sofas' matresseses actually have smaller dimensions. For me that's a huge difference becuase it seems everytime I have sleeped on a sleeper sofa, if I turned over, I was about to fall off the bed."


The Everyday Sleeper is awesome, and you can find it at Kensington Furniture.


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