What is Mixed Media Art?

Posted by Melissa Mott on Aug 7, 2015 9:05:00 AM

In the spirit of launching accessories on our website recently, this week’s post is dedicated to the local artists that have pieces up for sale in Kouture, our sister store. But these pieces are more than just a simple painting or piece of art. Bob and Jackie Boyd create these pieces by hand, many of which have a lot of meaning behind them.

Art2Bob and Jackie's father, a south Jersey native, was a sign painter in Atlantic City from back in the 50s when everything was done by hand. Bob and Jackie eventually joined the business and were immediately hooked. Jackie found her talent as a hand painter while Bob quickly learned that he excelled in photography. Some years later, after mixing the two together (quite literally), The Boyd’s Mixed Media Art was formed.

“We began to develop a genre based on our interest in the abundance of wildlife, foliage, breathtaking ocean and beach imagery from the Jersey Shore and a combination of our talents. Bob’s love for photographing birds and shore scenes sparked all of our interests.”

Art4But what exactly is "mixed media" art? Simlpy put, it's a piece of art that has been developed using more than one medium. In Bob and Jackie's case, their artwork is created with a blend of photography and painting. What makes these pieces of art truly unique is that each piece can be replicated, but since each one is created by hand, no two will ever be exactly alike.

Hanging these pieces of work up in Kouture not only make the store look more eclectic and just simply beautiful, but it’s even more exciting knowing that others can take these pieces home with them for even more people to appreciate!

Stop by Kouture and take a peek at The Boyd’s mixed media art pieces or visit their website at BoydsMixedMediaArt.com

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