Use the Canadel Dining tool before shopping for Dining Room Furniture

Posted by Max Grossman on Jun 25, 2014 2:42:00 PM
We’ve used our imagination before on the Kensington Furniture Style blog, so lets do it again. 
It’s a Tuesday night after dinner, and for some reason it’s glaring at you. It’s your furniture, your dining room table; the same one you have had for the past 10 years. The dining table's color is…ok, the non-upholstered dining chairs are definitely worn, and the tabletop is quite gross as it’s been the long time site for all the eating and snacking in your house. Needless to say you know it’s time for a new dinette. However, while you know you definitely don’t want the same pasty colored pine wood finish and uncomfortable chairs, your not clear how to find a table that fits the ideas on the wish-list you’ve drawn up. 

Your Wish-List
  • The color needs to be something darker.

  • The dimensions have to sit 6 people - 60 inches long, 36 inches wide, and about 30 inches high.
  • Upholstered chairs are a must so that everyone can sit comfortably.
Before you go searching online or in a furniture store, looking at dinette set after dinette set trying to check off your wish-list, you need to use the custom dining room furniture  tool by Canadel. It lets you create exactly what you want, rather than having to compromise with what you find online or in the store.  With this design tool, you can customize a set’s color, finish, dimensions, chairs, and fabric upholstered on the dining chairs. The bottom line is, it puts you in complete control of shopping for your dinette set.
Canadel Udesign at Kensington Furniture
Just take a look at some of the creations Kensington design consultant Bruce was able to come up with Canadel’s awesome tool.
Design Consultant Bruce of Kensington Furniture
Bruce's Dinning Creation: From Modern to Natural

“There is a Canadel table at Kensington’s showroom that I really like because it’s versatile.

Canadel Dining table on Kensington Furniture's showroom floor
  • It’s dimensions are 60 inches long, 38 inches wide, and 30 inches high
  • The table top is 7/8 inches thick solid wood, and has a washed out rustic finish

  • It has a solid wood pedestal base, which to me only further emphasizes the clean finished wood table top

This piece is dynamic because it can be placed with chairs that are modern, natural, or rustic. As you can see the chairs and bench around the piece have black legs and grey textured fabric; your classic modern look. With the help of the Canadel tool, I can craft a bench and chairs that have an iconic natural look and work great with the table.”
Custom Canadel Dining table at Kensington Furniture
Canadel Custom Side chair at Kensington Furniture
Canadel Custom upholstered Armchair at Kensington Furniture
The Take Away
Bruce provides just one of many ways in which you can use Canadel’s tool to design a dinette set with all of the qualities you are looking for. The tool is pretty amazing, so get your wish list ready, and click the botton below start designing the dining set of your dreams!  

Custom Canadel Dining Room Furniture tool at Kensington Furniture

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