Catching Up on Sleep Isn’t a Real Thing

Posted by Melissa Mott on Jun 12, 2015 9:02:00 PM

So you have the classic case of “The Mondays.” The only problem is that your case of “The Mondays” has lasted throughout the entire week because you repeatedly haven’t been getting enough sleep the night before. You may think about “catching up” on the sleep you missed by sleeping in on the weekends, but that’s actually only going to make you even more tired.

In order to get a restful night’s sleep, you need more than just a comfy mattress and a fluffy pillow. You need to know how sleep actually works. Everyone has an internal clock that lets their body know when it’s time to go to bed and wake up. This clock usually runs for 24 hours, so when you sleep in on the weekends, you’re delaying your internal clock. So “catching up” on sleep does nothing other than make you want to stay awake longer at night since 8pm feels like 4pm to you. Thus, the vicious cycle continues.sleep-in-on-weekend

Instead of sleeping in, try going to bed earlier at night to get your full 8 hours in so that you’re not the grumpiest person in the office on Mondays (and all the other days) anymore. And on the weekends, you should continue waking up and going to bed early because the more you get used to this schedule, the easier it will be every day. If you’re really struggling with getting to bed earlier, try making gradual adjustments by heading up to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual. Then, work your way to your optimal bedtime by going 15 minutes earlier than that every day or every other day. Hopefully, within a week or two, you won’t even have a case of “The Mondays” on Mondays anymore!

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