Cleaning 101: How to Clean Your Upholstered Sofa

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Apr 18, 2014 11:30:00 AM

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Every piece of furniture is built differently. Although many sofas are similar, they all require different cleaning methods. You must use the appropriate cleaning materials. This will not only keep your furniture piece safe, but it will also make it last longer. The most important thing to consider before you even LOOK at your sofa in the cleaning process is to follow the rules.

1. As quickly as possible, put a cloth on top of the spill so that you can absorb as much of the liquid as you can. Do not rub or pat the liquid. Let the cloth sit on the spill. 

2. Check your manual for the proper cleaning care. Look for the label on your furniture where you can see the proper cleaning method. Check out the picture below to help you decide which cleaning method is best for your piece of furniture.

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3. Turn your cushions. Turning your cushions periodically prevents indentations from the usual wear. This will allow equal distribution to the sofa or sectional. After you clean your pillows, “fluff” them with your hands to keep the cushions in their proper shape. Rotating the cushions from one seat to another will keep the amount of usage divided equally between all sections of the sofa.

4. Vacuum your furniture. Vacuuming frequently will remove the dirt and dust that has accumulated in the corners and sides of your sofa. Make sure you use a soft, small brush.

5. Keep it safe from sunlight and pollutants. If your sofa will be in the direct sunlight for the majority of the day, choose Solarium fabric! This fabric does not fade and can be cleaned very easily. Click here to learn more about Solarium fabric. Keep your sofa away from other pollutants such as smoke. The smoke can get into the fabric fibers which would keep the smell in the sofa.

6. If things look too bad, call the furniture vendor or a cleaning expert. Having someone else clean your upholstery could be expensive, but it will be worth it since you know it will be in safe hands.

For additional help and information when it comes to cleaning your upholstery, contact our customer care team today! They can give you cleaning advice and tips on how to keep your furniture looking new!

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