Custom with Quality—Handmade Amish Furniture

Posted by Melissa Mott on Jul 11, 2015 9:36:00 AM

Do you want your furniture to be custom, made with quality, or affordable? Why not all three? Majority of manufacturers are focused on creating and distributing pieces of furniture as quickly and cheaply as possible without paying much attention to detail or quality. It typically goes something like, “the bigger the name brand, the lesser the quality.” So why not purchase something that is not as well known, but will provide you with the lasting quality you want and need? And it’s made to look however you want it to!

180569888_Jamestown_DSC_0577_largeMade completely by hand in the largest Amish community in Ohio, the Urban Collection crafted by Yutzy Woodworking creates some of the finest and most custom bedroom furniture you’ll ever see. What started out as one man looking to create a better life for his family has quickly transformed into an entirely “vertical” business. This means that Yutzy is able to completely construct any bedroom piece from start to finish without help from other businesses which is highly uncommon in Amish communities because of its difficulty.

Yutzy Woodworking’s craftsmen pay much greater attention to even the smallest details than you would ever imagine. After the lumber is received, they spend time manually sorting through each piece to find the good and set aside the bad. Handcrafting a piece of furniture is truly an art form because grains on certain boards won’t look as perfect as others when laid the same way since no two pieces of wood are ever the same—it takes a lot of time and a lot of skill to perfect the art of crafting a piece of solid-wood furniture, yet Yutzy Woodworking has done it, and they’ve made it affordable enough to buy.

Amish_Option-1Because most manufacturing businesses are so large, they don’t want the inconvenience of customizing each customer’s piece of furniture. But Yutzy thrives off of highly specific customer requests and wants you to customize your furniture your way. Once you make your selections on the customization, the craftsmen immediately go to work handcrafting your one of a kind bed set knowing that it is going to go to you, and you know that the furniture you ordered can't be mass-produced to millions of others.

Without making you even have to think about compromising what you want for what is available, Yutzy Woodworking prides itself on giving each customer quality and choice with no absolutely no hassle. Every person is unique and special, so they deserve to have their furniture be, too.


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