Use customizable furniture to make your living room ideas realities

Posted by Max Grossman on Jun 17, 2014 3:01:00 PM

Kensington's own Store Stylist, Carolyn Wood, expends her time and effort creating beautiful living room, bedroom, and dining room settings for Kensington’s showroom floors. These creations epitomize furniture design and creativity and are only the tip of the customization iceberg.

Kensington Furniture's Store Stylist, Carolyn Wood

To give a taste of how one can take any piece of furniture found at Kensington and make it their own, lets see what would happen if we took two different sofas and let our design consultant, Rita, make them her own.

Rita at Kensington Furniture

First is a great sofa and chair by England Furniture.  It’s draped with a solid, stone colored, buttoned fabric that embodies a modern style and vibe.





Now, while Rita is definitely modern, she doesn't show it off with solid colors, rather she expresses herself with bright, funky patterns, as seen below.

Rita's Creation at Kensington Furniture


Another sofa and chair by England Furniture bodes a quite modern beige-cream color with a track arm, but because of the way the buttons and fabric is stitched on the back of the chair, is equal parts traditional.

Beige England Furniture Sofa at Kensington Furniture


Beige England Furniture Chair at Kensington Furniture

Again, because of her ability to choose different fabrics for the sofa, chair, and ottoman, the piece is completely personalized to Rita’s style.

Rita's Second Creation at Kensington Furniture

If your style is similar to Rita’s, let her know! Click the button below to connect with Rita and start making your own personalized living room creations!

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