Decorating with Accent Chairs

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Jan 25, 2014 11:39:00 AM
"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou
Accent chairs probably are not your first thought when you are decorating your room. But why not? Use your creative mind and decorate with accent chairs! Accent chairs function as extra seating but can be a bit more stylish than a traditional sofa. There are plenty of really awesome, brightly colored fabrics out there that would look crazy on a sofa. BUT – they would be perfect on an accent chair. Choose a pattern that will add to your sofa, not completely contrast it. Don’t be afraid of experimentation!
We sat down with Kia, one of our design consultants, to talk about how accent chairs can fit into your home.
When furniture is not matching, it adds interest, personality and color. It is a totally different look! It can turn a traditional room into a more fun, sophisticated and energetic room. Place the accent chair in a position that compliments various aspects of your room’s aesthetic, whether it is the color scheme, era or texture of materials.
The colors that an accent chair can bring to the room are phenomenal. The piece almost acts like an artwork added to your room. Kind of like an area rug, an accent chair can turn a boring room into a more inviting place to be.

Accent chairs take comfort to a whole new level. Many people think that just because they are gorgeous and small, they would be uncomfortable. There are many different types of accent chairs. A glider will allow you to rock the chair whether you are rocking a baby or rocking back and forth to the music. A swivel chair allows you to have a conversation with others much easier. Say your accent chair is separating two areas of an open floor plan; you can swivel around to either section of the room. Last but not least, a reclining accent chair lets you put your feet up and enjoy a movie. It also takes the pressure off of your lower back after a hard day’s work.

They are great for additional seating when you host a party. They also take up very little space. If you have a tight room, adding two accent chairs rather than a loveseat will save space. In larger, empty rooms, accent chairs work as space-fillers. They can create a divide in an open floor plan or simply add to the current room it is in.


Try using an accent chair in different places such as your dining room or office. Placing two accent chairs at the head of each side of a table creates a “host/hostess” look. It also creates variety in your dining set. Using a larger accent chair as your desk chair will create a “boss” look. It adds to your office but also creates a different look rather than the traditional boring office furniture. 

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