Dream Away After Trying the Dream Catcher

Posted by Melissa Mott on Jun 2, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Many people go to a mattress store without any idea of what kind of mattress they actually need to buy. They typically buy the mattress that everyone else buys. This usually results in frustration and then “compromising” by listening to the sales people who tell them that the generic firm mattresses are the most average. They accept. But maybe their body isn’t average. Sound like you?

At Kensington, we're unlike any other mattress store. We use the Dream Catcher to map your body’s pressure points so that both you and our sales people know what kind of mattress is best for you. Then, our sales people can guide you to the mattresses that will produce the most comfortable night’s sleep specifically for you and your body. 

Dream_Catcher_Mattress_Kensington_FurnitureBefore, without using the Dream Catcher, some of our customers thought they were pretty average; turns out they actually needed an ultra-plush mattress for superior comfort throughout the night. Who knew? 

When you shop for mattresses without using the Dream Catcher, you’re really taking a gamble on which type is most suitable for you. Why not take the test?

When you try the Dream Catcher, you should lay down how you normally fall asleep because it makes no sense to lay on your back for the test when you normally fall asleep on your stomach—the pressure points in your back may be significantly different than those in on your front-side! If you normally do lie on your side, you may find that firmer mattresses actually cause you more pain to your hips and shoulders. Dream_Catcher_Mattress_Kensington_FurnitureHowever, if you lay on your back, maybe your spine needs that extra support so you’re not sinking in too deep into your mattress. But everyone’s body is completely different, so someone else may lie on their back and find comfort in a firm mattress, and even though you also lie on your back, you may feel more comfort with a plusher mattress.

You may be able to guess which type of mattress is best for you, but you’ll never really know until you take the test. Come into Kensington to try it out and then take advantage of our sales people’s knowledge and expertise by allowing them to help you narrow down which mattresses will give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had!

Try the Dream Catcher

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