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Posted by Brielle Pastore on Jan 26, 2014 11:36:00 AM
You found the sofa that you fell in love with. Now what? It is time to pick your fabrics.
These fabrics would be great for pillows!
Jerry, one of our design consultants, sat down with us today to explain the process of picking fabrics. The sofa frame itself provides comfort but what really makes the sofa is the fabric that is put on it. Picking fabric must be a decision that you can live with for a long time.
The first step for picking out fabric begins with deciding how the room is going to be used. Is it a family room or a living room? Will your kids be constantly climbing on the furniture or will it only be used for entertaining friends and family? If it will endure a lot of usage, go for a heavier, stronger fabric. You want to protect your furniture so it will last long! If it will endure light wear, go with a natural fabric. Natural fabrics will provide great colors but aren’t always so durable when it comes to a lot of wear.
These fabrics would be great for a sofa!
We must also look at what is currently in the room. What is the color in the room? Are you going to build your furniture around the room? We then move to certain colored fabrics that will match and flow correctly. If you wish I start from scratch, you will have more room for imagination because you could go with any color!
You have to like something first to get to the next step! Some people pick their primary sofa color first. Others fall in love with a fabric that will only look great on a pillow so they pick the pillow fabric first and build around it. It is all up to the customer. You are totally in control! Jerry and the rest of our design consultants are very knowledgeable and are there to help you build the perfect sofa.
We have a huge selection of fabrics in our design room!
What style do you like best? Contemporary? Modern? Traditional? Pick and choose but don’t forget to have some fun while doing so. Have some creative fun with different pillow fabrics. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

Check out this short clip showing
the fabrics in our design room!
Are you the type of person that can never make a decision? If you are trying to pick out a fabric and don’t really like the way things are going, Jerry always suggests three different options that he thinks are best. This way the customer will still be in control but can also have choices laid out for them if they have a hard time choosing.

It is important to us at Kensington Furniture that you really love your new custom upholstered furniture. With the help of a design consultant like Jerry, you will be able to create the perfect sofa with gorgeous fabric that you love! 

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