3 Father's Day Gifts Any Dad Will Love

Posted by Melissa Mott on Jun 12, 2015 9:44:00 AM

So we all know that it’s pretty common for the female of the house to take charge in deciding what furniture is purchased and where it will eventually be placed. It’s also pretty rare that the man of the house has anything close to a say when it comes to interior decorating. But every man deserves something of his own in his own house, right? So why not a recliner just for himself? Despite what Mom may say, an Ashley Furniture recliner would be the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad!

Fathers_DayWhen was the last time your dad was completely comfortable taking a nap on the couch that Mom picked out? Probably never. The couch that she picked out is probably too soft, too firm, or anything/everything else that prevents him from a comfy nap. It's probably perfect for her, but probably not for him. But he let her buy it because he’s a nice guy and always wants to do anything to make her happy. After that, Mom probably never wanted to get another piece of furniture when she already has a “perfectly good” sofa and loveseat, and she especially never wanted to get an “ugly” recliner.

Traditional Recliner

Karrabin_Ashley_Furniture_Recliner   Austere_Recliner_Ashley_Furniture

Well, you can finally tell Mom that recliners are much more fashionable now. They also come in various shapes, sizes, and styles so that Dad will not only have hundreds of different chairs to choose from, but it will also perfectly accent Mom’s current décor. And if Mom is still arguing that it’s not a “perfect” match, call it an accent chair! She probably won’t have much to say about it then. Ashley Furniture has the best selection to choose from when it comes to recliners: power, rock, swivel, glider; you name it and Ashley has it. The Karrabin is a pretty standard manual recliner where as the Austere has a more unique design and features. The Austere is a power recliner, so no real effort needs to be put in to be able to relax. It also has an extra-wide seat to maximize comfort!

Theater Seats


But if you want to play it safe and try to stay on Mom’s good side, maybe you can spring for some theater seats instead of just a regular recliner. To really soften her up, you can even get two Nebula Theater Seats so both her and Dad can watch movies or late-night TV together on the big screen. Or that’s what you’ll say to her, at least. In reality, you know that Dad will have his friends over all the time to watch the game and Mom will only ever get to touch those seats when she’s cleaning up after them. But she doesn’t need to know that yet.

Side Table

If Dad happens to already have a recliner and you want to really enhance the male presence in your living Carlyle_Side_Table_Ashley_Furniturespace, the Carlyle side table also by Ashley Furniture is a really cool addition to any chair. It’s perfect for dads who love gadgets! Not only is it a table with 2 handy cup holders, but it also features 3 outlets and 2 USB ports. Pretty cool, right? Now Dad won't even have to get up in the middle of the game to charge his phone or iPad while he's checking his fantasy scores.


Although it is Father’s Day and you want to spoil Dad, you will still probably have to soften up Mom a little bit before she even lets you inside with a box that big unless it contains something for her, too. But Dad’s new recliner, theater seats, and/or side table by Ashley Furniture definitely don't have to be for her; he deserves it. Mom’s already had her day (but I wouldn’t recommend telling her that).


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