Five Gifts That Promote Relaxation

Posted by Elizabeth Flack on Nov 26, 2018 4:50:17 PM

Now that Thanksgiving is officially done and over with, it's full speed ahead to the holidays. Depending who you ask, these next couple of weeks are either a time full of joy and excitement, or a time of nothing but dread and stress. However you feel, it's safe to assume that everyone would appreciate a little R&R after the chaos. Be the hero this holiday season by giving the gift of leisure with these five gifts that promote rest and relaxation.

Throw blankets


An obvious contender is the trusty throw blanket. With temperatures dropping and the sun setting earlier and earlier, a plush, warm throw blanket is a necessity when unwinding after a long day.

All throw blankets, however, are not made the same. In colder months, opt for a throw made of merino wool or fleece. Both fabrics are soft and perfect for warming up while snuggled on the couch.

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A good rug can make or break a rooms overall vibe. Think about being totally serene on the couch and getting up to get a snack, you unwrap from your throw blanket cocoon only to step onto a hard, cold floor. Ick.

More than a sense of feel, rugs also create a feeling of warmth visually. They add dimension and a textural element to the spaces they occupy that help create a sense of safety and comfort. Gifting a rug is great for new and veteran homeowners alike, because they can change as often as the seasons do without a drastic redesign. A soft shag is the ultimate in cozy decor and adds a touch of glam without being over the top.

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basketThere's no denying that an organized space is a relaxing space. Even if someone claims their space is "organized chaos", prove to them that a storage system will change everything they thought they knew about unwinding. With so many functional options now available, home storage is strayed far from traditional cabinets and shelving. Especially for someone with limited space, a storage ottoman is a great way to mix function with style, plus give them a place to kick their feet up!

Or, decorative baskets are a trendy option for those who need a little organization but will probably forget about anything put out of sight. You could even throw a few other gifts in the baskets, like a throw blanket or a candle, if they've been nice this year!

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The perfect pillow is a sure-fire way to give the gift of relaxation around the clock. Did you know that 25% of sleep surface comfort comes from your pillow? Sleeping with the right pillow for your body type and sleep position leads to falling asleep quicker, staying asleep longer, and overall better rest nightly.

Find out if you're shopping for a back, side, or stomach sleeper, and the firmness they like to make the best purchasing decision.

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A place for the goods

We can all agree that sometimes, the best way to unwind is with a big glass of wine. While gifting just a bottle is fine, step it up a notch by including a cute display where the bottle is stored, like these bicycle racks. Even when not in use, they're a fun piece of decor to keep on a counter top or dining table!


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