Getting Ready for the Holidays

Posted by Jessica Hauck on Sep 10, 2012 11:30:00 AM
Is it that time of the year already? Yes!

We are already into the second week of November and Thanksgiving is approaching fast! Are you having guests over? Are you a guest at a loved ones home?

Holidays can be tricky, you don't want to over do it but you don't want people thinking you don't care... So where is that happen medium?

If you are serving Turkey dinner, choose a beautiful and festive center piece for your dining table. I know one... the turkey! Find accents or candles that will fit the Thanksgiving theme and place around the table to highlight the main event. Go with fall colors, warm colors. Gold is always a great accent too.

Here is some great ideas on how to make Thanksgiving feel special. Use cute invites and place cards. Wrap little presents in gold and make cute labels for your desserts.

Anything is possible with these printables found on Pinterest.

Are you the guest and you are unsure of what to bring?

It's hard to think of a good thanks for the Thanksgiving feast!
You can bring a wine that pairs well with the main dish or a fun dessert wine.
You can even bring some dessert. Is pumpkin pie overused? But pumpkin is so good...
How about a pumpkin roll, cupcakes, even pumpkin custard!
Just search pumpkin on Pinterest and there are hundreds of ideals. Not a pumpkin fan? do the same for Apples or Pecans.

Holidays are magical. They bring people together that don't get to see each other often. They help you remember why family is so important. Everything about them is great, especially the food! Remember to give thanks this Thanksgiving for all that you have and for the people around you.

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