Go Back to School in Style!

Posted by Melissa Mott on Aug 14, 2015 10:12:00 AM

The excitement of summer is winding down, which only means one thing—every kid’s nightmare and every parent’s dream is quickly approaching: back to school time.

The only thing kids get excited about during this time of year is filling up their entire closet with new school clothes. So why stop there?

They want to show off their new style to all of their friends, but what happens when their friends come over to your house? Your son would never even consider bringing one of his friends from middle school into his room that’s decorated with *gasp* a 1001 Dalmatians theme, and your daughter wouldn’t dare to ask her high school friends to hang out in her pretty pink princess room. Your kids are growing up. It’s about time their bedrooms reflected that.

For Boys


This bedroom set is so traditional that he'll never become embarrassed of it. Because it’s so simple, this set will completely transform by the way you use accents and colors around it.

For Girls


A very basic bedroom set could be everything she’ll ever want. The white finish is timeless, and you can easily change up the entire room with a simple swap of a comforter. Having a pull-out trundle is also ideal when she's younger since sleepovers will become a weekend ritual in her new room!

For Teen Boys


Teenagers are a little harder. They want their room to have personality without actually exemplifying a personality.  At this point, you probably want them to have a set that they will like up until the day the move out (and maybe even beyond that).

Teenage boys would really like this basic natural wood set that will age with them over the years. I like to think of it as a grown up version of the boy’s youth set!

For Teen Girls


This metal bed frame is something every girl would die for at any age. I can almost guarantee that this bed will last with her through high school and college at the very least (but I know I still wouldn’t mind having this bed in my apartment right now!).

So before you completely destroy your kid’s reputation that they will be working the rest of their lives trying to restore, consider redesigning their room to avoid a lifetime of wedgies and regret.

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