Getting Your Home Holiday Ready Without Breaking the Bank!

Posted by Carolyn Wood on Nov 5, 2014 4:00:00 PM
The holiday season can be very stressful, but getting your home ready doesn't have to be!  Leave all your worries to deciding who's going to pick up Aunt Ethel from the airport or if you should bake apple or pumpkin pie this year.  We have some easy tips that will impress even the pickiest of in-laws while still leaving you enough dough for whatever pie you choose!
Your entranceway and front door can really make a statement.  Unfortunately, more often than not, it can make the wrong statement.  Things like peeling paint on your front door, an old welcome mat, that's not so welcoming, and overgrown shrubs can leave a less than pleasing impression on your holiday visitors.   While this fix may take a bit of elbow grease, it is fairly inexpensive and is a great bang for your buck!  Depending on the style of your home, have fun with your front door.  Paint it a bold color that demands attention.  A fun new welcome mat will delight guests and neighbors alike.  Of course you don't want to hide all that new work, so be sure to trim up those shrubs to set it all off.  For the final touch, add a little holiday cheer with a nature inspired wreath!



That covers the outside, but since it's growing colder by the minute, guests will be spending most of their time indoors.  If you have a traditional foyer, you'll want to ensure it's just as inviting as your new front door.  Replacing an old piece of art with a metallic mirror adds some sparkle while at the same time making the area look larger.  Following the theme of sparkle, adding some candlesticks and other accessories to the foyer table will welcome your family in style.



Has your family room seen better days?  If Fido's slept one too many times on the sofa or you were never quite able to remove that wine stain on the carpet, not to worry.  Read on for budget friendly fixes that will even impress your neat freak cousin!  While entirely replacing your sofa may not be feasible, there are ways to spruce it up!  Throw blankets and pillows can breathe new life into your upholstery, while adding color at the same time.  Shampooing your carpet is always a great idea to keep it fresh and maintained, but if you just can't seem to get rid of some stains, cover them up!  An area rug can freshen a stagnant room and give a designer touch to the delight of your guests.



With all those holiday dinners, you'll be spending lots of time in your dining room.  If you have a few too many dings and scratches on your table and chairs there's an easy fix.  Any local hardware store sells wood stain markers that will match up to most finishes and make those eyesores fade away.  Once you have that out of the way, it's on to the fun stuff!  If you're lacking a bit of color, adding small kidney pillows to your chairs adds both style and comfort.


Phoenix-chandelier-magenta_pillow-oval_table-pink_lampshade-recessed_lighting-upholstered_chair-white_trim-white_wainscotingOut of town guests will need a comfortable place to rest their heads after all the food, fun, and family time.  If your guest room is where all the hand me down furniture goes to die, then we have some work to do.  Like any room, find a way to pull all your pieces together.  Color is always a great way to do this!  Try adding some new curtains along with a quilt or comforter.  Guests will appreciate the comfy bedding and the stylish new touches.  Lamps and an area rug can also pull the room together and really  make a statement.bedroom-6

One of the easiest tips is to simply rearrange your existing furniture.  It gives your space a fresh look and best of all it's free.  If rearranging just won't work, sometimes you may want to remove a few pieces while guests are visiting to de-clutter and make some additional room.  If you have one too many family photos on the guest room dresser, it makes sense to remove a few to make your family comfortable.  If your family room looks more like a playroom, picking up your children's toys before guests arrive is a smart plan.  Sometimes it's just about a little organization.  Utilizing baskets, bins, and boxes can give your home a polished look while keeping your child's favorite toys!


With these budget friendly and quick tips, you can spend time on what's important:  Enjoying precious time with friends and family!  Don't be afraid to experiment with a few new accessories.  Just a few tweaks here and there can really transform a space.  Tell us some of your quick fixes when expecting guests.  Oh and by the way, did we decide on pumpkin or apple pie?

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