How Design Consultants Save You Money

Posted by Elizabeth Flack on Dec 27, 2018 1:09:27 PM

Between the dozens of Instagram home-decor bloggers, HGTV, magazines, and billions of Pinterest boards,mason9 it's clear that there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to interior design. Most of us can confidently pick images of spaces we love as well as spaces we don't care for. But what exactly are the distinctions? How do we as individuals decide what we consider to be "stylish"?

 Good interior design considers more than just style -- it takes into account lifestyle, budget, spatial limitations, and personal taste. Thanks to Pinterest, we're able to get creative and visualize design plans by creating our dream boards. It's true that we all have our wants and needs, but turning those dream boards into real, livable spaces is the challenge. Working with a design professional is the perfect way to gain the confidence to move forward with your inspiration.

The first leap into the design process is intimidating. Being sure you're picking pieces you actually like and at a price you can afford is overwhelming when you're faced with thousands of options. Plus, there's nothing worse than the regret of buying something you like only to later find something you love. Or worse, buying something love only to see the same piece elsewhere for half the price. 

Untitled-3At Kensington, our Design Consultants are an ally in your efforts of creating your room, your way. You will have the opportunity to not only select the styles, colors, and pieces that suite your current rooms, but our Design Consultants bring a trained eye to identify current trends, quality, and lasting value, for pieces that are adaptable to your changing needs and lifestyle. 

Our Design Consultants give you insights to make your decisions easier. Whether you're shopping for a single piece of furniture or revamping an entire house, Kensington Design Consultants will keep you from making expensive mistakes!

Don't know where to being? Take our style quiz, and check out our Pinterest to see what's inspiring us, then book an in-home consult today and set your plans in motion!

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