How to Choose Theater Seating for your Home

Posted by Brielle Pastore on May 4, 2014 11:30:00 AM

Star Wars Interior Design

May the Fourth Be With You! May 4th is considered by many Star Wars fans to be Star Wars day because “May the fourth be with you” sounds similar to “May the force be with you.” In honor of Star Wars day, we are going to explore theater seating for your home!

I know what you are thinking.. you don’t have a theater in your home so why would you need theater seating?! That is a great question. However, theater seating isn’t just for home theaters! Many customers buy theater seating for their basement or second living room. We even have customers that are interested in theater seating for their main living room because of the style and functionality it provides!

The first thing you must consider before you begin looking for theater seating is space. How much room do you have in your room for a large theater sofa or sectional? Measuring your room will help you in this process. Click here to learn more about how to properly measure your room.

Kensington Furniture Theater Seating

Once you know how much space you can use, it is time to think about design and shape. You can design your custom home theater seating with the configuration of your choice! Depending on how many seats you want or need, you can make the theater seating into your dream sofa or sectional!

You’ve got the shape down. Now what? Time to move on to picking fabrics! This is where you can get creative. Work with a design consultant and the rest of your family to choose the perfect combination of colors and fabrics to customize your theater seating set. If your room will be used by your children, their friends and maybe even your pets, pick a more durable fabric.


What special functional items would you like with your theater seating? Many theater seating sofas and sectionals come with cup holders, power reclining seats and even USB plugs to charge your phone! Customizing your new theater sofa is very easy with the help of our educated design consultants. Contact one today to learn more about theater seating!

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Now that you’ve picked your new theater seating sofa or sectional, go home, day-dream about your new furniture piece and watch Star Wars! May the fourth be with you, everyone!

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