How to get the Beach Look Without Jumping Overboard

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Apr 27, 2014 11:30:00 AM

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Here in South Jersey, many of our customers are home owners at the beach. They own homes from Long Beach Island to Cape May and everywhere in between. Decorating your beach house is super important, according to Kelli Ellis. Kelli Ellis is a well-known interior designer that has been featured on HGTV, TLC and many other design inspired shows and publications across the United States. I got the awesome opportunity to interview Kelli earlier in March. She has a new book set to be released soon titled “Do I Look Skinny In This House?” The book is about design psychology and how you can design and decorate your home to make it the most comfortable for you and your family. Kelli and I spoke about beach homes and now important design psychology is when decorating at the shore.

“As a second home, or vacation home, you really are trying to create an environment that helps you escape,” said Ellis. “In your vacation home, you are trying to create the ultimate retreat and escape. And to do that, you would need to understand what makes you relax.” Think about what makes you relax before you begin designing your beach home and work around those elements!

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Decorate with relaxing colors. According to Kelli Ellis, your beach home design should be “centered around relaxing cool colors. Greens, blues, things that remind you of the water. Things that remind you where you are and of the easy living style.” Including color in your home design is important but while you are at the beach, you want a more relaxing feel. Don’t go overboard with bright, neon colors. Go for the blues and greens that make you feel more relaxed!

Use shore patterns. When choosing upholstered furniture for your beach home, stick with neutral or solid colors for the body fabric. Lighten and brighten things up with the coordinating fabrics, whether that is your pillow fabric or accent chair fabric. Go with cotton or woven polyester fabrics that will keep the temperature stable and provide the sofa with durable protection from beach elements. These types of fabric will protect the sofa from sand and water but will still give you the colors that you want to decorate with at your shore home.

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Accessorize. Again, don’t go overboard with bright colors. Tone things down and decorate with more calming and soothing colors. Pick accent lamps that match with the upholstery in the room and include a few small accent pieces along with the lamp on an end table. Most importantly, accessorize with items that make you comfortable and happy. Your beach home is your sanctuary. It is your home away from home and you should absolutely think of it as your retreat!

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Add rugs to your design. Rugs not only add to the design of the room but they also protect your floors. Add a rug to the locations in your home that you think will be the busiest. You do not want to spend your time at the shore cleaning and vacuuming nonstop. Choosing a rug that is perfect for the shore will allow you to relax and not worry about your floor being damaged by water, sand and overuse. Click here to learn more about rugs and how you can use them in your shore home design.

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Choose furniture pieces that have the washed driftwood look with a weathered white finish. This finish allows for a coastal cottage style that is perfect for beach homes. It is an eclectic mix of design elements that can bring brightness and functionality to your beach home. This type of wood furniture is very popular at the shore and it blends wonderfully with other pieces of furniture in your home.

If you are looking for more design tips for how to decorate your beach home without jumping overboard, please contact a design consultant today! Provide them with your measurements and they can draw out a room design for you and suggest a few pieces of furniture that will look and work best with your current space! 

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