How to Pick the Perfect Furniture

Posted by Elizabeth Flack on Dec 17, 2018 2:26:18 PM

Life happens in your home. Moments big and small take place on and around the furniture you choose. More than that, these pieces are a part of your identity. They depict your individuality, your style, your overall nature. The role furniture plays in our lives is greater than solely being functional. While this is important, there are many questions to answer to ensure you're picking the right furniture for you and your family. 




We can't say it enough. Your home is a reflection of you. The right furniture will create a harmonious space that speaks to you and everyone who enters it. Don't let "norms" or fear keep you from expressing yourself. If you feel overwhelmed by the different design styles out there, take our Design Survey to learn about your design style and we'll curate a product list just for you.


Need vs want

Whether you're replacing a few pieces or starting with a completely empty space, understand your needs versus your wants. Your wants are equally important to your overall happiness, but buying the gorgeous sofa table you just have to have won't contribute much long term  if you have to eat dinner on the dining room floor. 

In addition to the pieces you need, consider how they will be used in your home. If you have young children or pets and need a new sofa, you'll need a durable, washable fabric like Sunbrella. Or maybe you're looking for a bedroom set in a room with limited space. A storage bed will optimize your space and check off the "needs" box. Win-win!64ba26b7ffe4ee9aabd663d03133a390


Arguably the most important factor, set a budget and stick to it. Being strict with what you'll spend from the get-go will save a lot of debate and headache down the road. Plus, planning your budget along side your needs will ensure you make the best purchase possible.


These three factors are the major players in your buying process, taking each of them into consideration will guarantee you make the right choice, every time.

When you're ready to start your design process, come in for a consult or schedule an in-home visit and we'll help you create the space of your dreams!

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