How To Throw A Successful Super Bowl Party

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Feb 2, 2014 11:13:00 AM
“That's the biggest gap in sports, the difference between the winner and the loser of the Super Bowl.” - John Madden

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Finally – after waiting all year, the big game is here. Denver takes on Seattle tonight but while we wait for the game to start, it is time to get ready for our Super Bowl party! Although none of our local teams made it to the Super Bowl, we can still celebrate the big game and be excited at the fact that the game is being played in our home state, New Jersey!
Whether you are more excited about the actual game, the halftime show or the commercials, Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for everyone. But how can you make sure that your party will be the best yet!? Make sure that your living room, kitchen, mancave or wherever you are watching the game at, is prepared for your party!
Let’s take a look at some furniture pieces that are 100% essential for your BIG Super Bowl Extravaganza!
ENTERTAINMENT CENTER: This item is a bit obvious, but make sure your entertainment center is big enough to fit your huge flat screen tv! You want to watch the game in style.
BAR: Essential to every Super Bowl party, a bar not only provides a place to get your drinks but it is also a center piece for the party! No one wants to miss a second of the game, so position your bar accordingly. There are more than enough beer commercials on television to prove my point!
BAR STOOLS: Need extra seating? Bar stools provide extra seating space and allow your guests to socialize while they are waiting for you to serve them their drink.
LARGE COCKTAIL TABLE: It would be silly to have your guests run back and forth to the kitchen to get their food. Having a large cocktail table provides space for drinks, appetizers and all of your favorite football food! Just make sure you have a lot of napkins handy!
RECLINER or CHAIR: You can relax on your recliner when the game starts. As the game heats up and things start getting exciting, a recliner will allow you to be at the edge of your seat! Kick up your feet, lay back and enjoy the Super Bowl!

SECTIONAL: Let’s face it; a sofa is not going to be large enough to fit all of your friends during your Super Bowl bash. A large sectional will provide comfortable seating for you and all your friends. Sit back, relax and watch the game.

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