In Home Space Planning and Design Consultation

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Jan 12, 2014 11:30:00 AM
"Design is intelligence made visible."
- Don Newgren
Are you thinking of redoing a room in your home? Do you need a new piece of furniture? Do you need help with your home design? If so, an In Home Space Planning and Design Consultation would be perfect for you!
Kia, one of our Design Consultants here at Kensington Furniture, specializes in space saving and does house calls quite often! Having a consultation at your home is the first step and can drastically help you in your furniture buying process. Our design consultants are extremely knowledgeable in space usage, product selection and the design industry as a whole.
The first step that Kia likes to take when arriving at a home is to talk to the customers about their space and their goals. How would you like to use your space? What would you like to keep in the room? What type of furniture are you looking to purchase? The answers to all these questions will give the design consultant a better idea of how she/he can effectively use the space.
The next step would be to measure. Kia measures the room, the current pieces that the customer wants to keep and even the piece that they are getting rid of. She then takes pictures of your room for reference when she is putting together style options. Last but not least, the design consultant will schedule an appointment for you to come into the store to take a look at the options they have created for you.
What is the customer looking for? Would they like a collaborative effort or would they like to have the design consultant do all the styling and then choose? If you would like to hand the reins over to our design consultants, sit back and relax! While you are on vacation, buying groceries or doing whatever it is that you do on a normal day, Kia is sitting in our design center at our store and drawing up your room. If you would like to be more involved, emails and phone calls will be exchanged! We want to make the customer as comfortable and happy with the process as possible.
Once she has the room on paper, she then starts selecting pieces that she thinks would be best for the customers’ needs. She considers colors, fabrics and frames that would look best with your space. Because Kia has already seen your room, she is able to make the best decision when it comes to how to best use the space.
Next, the customer comes into the store to see what pieces have been selected for them. Different options will be given or sometimes only one option if the design consultant worked closely with the home owners. From there, we need to make sure that the customer is 110% satisfied with our services and the piece that they picked out. If you are interested, design consultants will also offer advice for accent chairs, accessories and other ways to spice up your room!

Some customers believe that the purchasing process is too overwhelming. Working with a design consultant will make the process much easier and more enjoyable for you. Whatever your preference, the design consultants will be there to guide you during your quest to purchase new furniture! Are you interested 
in an at home consultation?
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