Jersey Shore Decorating Tips Inspired by Key West

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Mar 6, 2014 11:36:00 AM

Key West Interior Design

“It’s a sweet, sweet life living by the salty sea.” – Zac Brown Band

The weather has been so cold and miserable lately with all of this snow in New Jersey that we thought we could warm up by thinking WARM thoughts about summer! One of the greatest beach spots in the United States is Key West, Florida. There are so many beach designs that have been inspired by Key West and the laid back sense of style at the shore.

Picture this: you are laying on your beach chair at the most southern point in America drinking a tropical drink and listening to Jimmy Buffett music. Key West doesn't have to be a dream! Decorating your home with Key West and beach styled accents can bring the beach lifestyle to your house!

Bring a little bit of Key West to the Jersey Shore. Let’s take a look at some accent pieces that we have on display in our showroom that were definitely inspired by Key West!

Coral Accent Piece

Coral Accent Pieces: Did you know that the Florida Keys are home to North America’s ONLY living coral reef? The Florida reef is about four miles long. Snorkeling divers come from all over the world to dive around Key West! Since you can’t bring home the living coral from Key West, take these two coral pieces home instead!

Glass Bottle Vase: There are many stories about shipwrecked treasures being found off of the coast of Key West! The rope wrap around this bottle will create a beach look for your home. Make this glass bottle vase the treasure in your home!

Pelican Statue: Pelicans are a big deal in Key West. They are all over the place! There is a hotel, an Island retreat and even a bed and breakfast named after them. You will see hundreds of these beautiful birds when you vacation in Key West, why not bring one home to your house to remind you of the amazing time you had there!

Beach Accessories for your home

Flip Flop Accent Pillows: Grab your flip flops and head down to the water in Key West where you will find the most gorgeous sand and amazing beaches. Use these accent pillows year round to remind you of the warm weather that will soon be here during the summer at the Jersey Shore!

Palm Tree Accent: There are so many palm trees in the Florida Keys that you would think you were in Hawaii!  Palm trees don’t grow well in New Jersey because of our climate. Take this accent piece home today and have a palm tree in your home year round!

Accent Lamp: We included this accent lamp because it is the same exact color as the beautiful water in Key West. Imagine yourself swimming in the warm water. The water at the Jersey Shore never gets as warm as it is in the Keys but hey, we can dream!

Nautical Vase

Seashell Accent Jugs: While there aren't that many seashells that wash up on the beaches of Key West, you can still get lucky and come across a beautiful conch shell! These accent jugs will look perfect on your fireplace mantel, an accent table or even in the middle of your kitchen table.

Have you ever been to the Florida Keys? What is your favorite beach design accent piece?

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