Lighten up Your Life with Bright and Exciting Furniture

Posted by Brielle Pastore on Jan 5, 2014 2:38:00 PM
"To love beauty is to see light" - Victor Hugo 

It seems like every other day there is a new technology invented that can better the world that we live in. Although touch light furniture it not super new, it is SUPER COOL. Touch light furniture makes it ten times easier for you to brighten up your living space. Keep it plugged in and all you have to do is touch it to turn on the lights!
Elements Hutch by Synergy
Take the Elements Hutch by Synergy for example. When you touch the hinge, the lamp creates a 3-way light from an inexpensive bulb! Your touch is the switch and it has three available options: night light, energy saver light and bright reading light.

Touch light furniture can certainly “wow” your guests. It is a state-of-the-art technology that could be useful, especially if your hands are full and you need to turn on the light! Here are two more examples of hutch furniture that also have the touch light sensor:
Coralie Display Cab Top & Base by Hooker
River House Dining Paula's Pantry By Universal

Jacks Desk by Universal

Do you spend countless hours in your office? Are you still working after dark? The Jacks Desk by Universal has a touch light sensor to provide light while you are working, no matter what hour it may be! Maybe your children are experts are procrastination and do their homework late at night. A light censored desk would be perfect for them.

Do your friends always say you are the daring and outgoing one of the group? Get crazy with this Lightbox End Table by Gus. It certainly brightens up the room while providing a table for your living area. It also looks pretty cool when all the lights are turned off!

Lightbox End Table by Gus

If you are the more traditional type, don’t be ashamed if you want to play it safe with beautiful accent lamps. Accent lamps are a flawless addition to a living space that needs to be brightened up with both color and light. If you have a simple colored sofa and chair, putting an awesome, bright colored or textured lamp next to it will look fabulous! 

Love the beauty in your room, lighten it up!

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